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Macworld: 2010 writings

Macworld logoAll (or as many as could be found online) of my 2010 writings for Macworld.

Jan 5 LaunchCodes brings back 10.5-style document opening
Jan 13 Does auto-expiring security software make sense?
Jan 21 What key features will a tablet need before you buy one?
Jan 26 What might a tablet's home screen look like?
Jan 26 Fusion 3.0.1
Jan 26 Parallels 5 (build 9308)
Jan 26 VirtualBox 3.1.2
Jan 27 Virtualization: Performance testing
Jan 27 Virtualization: Which one to use?
Jan 27 The iPad's five worst surprises
Jan 29 Virtualization: Behind the scenes
Feb 25 First Look: Quicken Essentials for Mac
Mar 8 Why I don't use Google Docs
Mar 23 Magic Launch brings creator-code support to Snow Leopard
Apr 3 In the line for an iPad: A first-person account
Apr 9 Why pay for Final Cut Express when iMovie is free?
Apr 29 Numbers 1.0 for iPad
May 6 Essential Mac utilities: text expanders
May 6 Spell Catcher X 10.3.4
May 6 Typinator 4.0
Jul 7 Ten ways to customize Chrome
Jul 8 First Look: Firefox 4 beta
Aug 2 Office 2011 pricing penalizes owners of multiple Macs
Sep 13 What OS X has meant to me
Sep 28 Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011
Oct 12 Office 2011: the macro is back
Oct 19 OS X 10.7: The rumors and the reality
Oct 27 Boost your Mac's speed with a hybrid drive
Oct 27 Office 2011: Excel FAQ
Nov 5 IT conference attendees react to Xserve's demise
Nov 9 Recapping the MacTech conference
Nov 12 Expert printing tips for Excel 2011
Nov 15 Mac Pro: Tower of power

Macworld: 2009 writings

Macworld logoAll (or as many as could be found online) of my 2009 writings for Macworld.

Jan 2 Spotlight enhancer HoudahSpot gets enhancements of its own
Jan 6 The amazing vanishing Mac desktop machine
Jan 7 First Look: Numbers ’09
Jan 7 The history of the Mac, told by those who were there
Jan 8 Expo Notes: Memeo puts you in a sharing mood
Jan 9 Expo’s Ask the Editors session
Jan 9 Expo Notes: Jing, a year later
Jan 10 Expo Notes: The search for TechTool Pro 5
Jan 10 Expo Notes: Araxis Merge adds to its file-comparison bag of tricks
Jan 10 Expo Notes: Digitize your paper trail with NeatReceipts
Jan 12 Expo Notes: Restoring the matte screen
Jan 19 The video industry just doesn’t get it
Jan 22 Pirated iWork '09 installer may contain trojan horse
Jan 22 Review: iDive 300 iPod/iPhone underwater case
Jan 23 Review: Third-party browsers for the iPhone
Jan 27 Review: Numbers ’09
Feb 3 Hands-on: TechRestore’s matte-screen MacBook Pro service
Feb 4 Look before leaping... and formatting hard drives
Feb 6 Review: Power Support MacBook Pro Anti-Glare Film
Feb 9 Six years with an Apple Cinema Display
Feb 11 No more getting started with iLife ’09
Feb 12 Review: Days of Thunder for iPhone
Feb 12 Review: Spreadsheet editing apps for the iPhone
Feb 16 Growl 1.1.4
Feb 18 Review: Keynote controllers for the iPhone
Feb 23 Review: MobileFiles Pro for iPhone
Feb 24 Review: Air traffic control games for the iPhone
Feb 24 First Look: Safari 4 Beta
Mar 3 FireWire 400 reaches the end of the line
Mar 13 VirtualBox 2.1.4
Mar 16 Mariner Calc for iPhone
Mar 16 15 iPhone 3.0 features we'd like to see
Mar 24 Eight years and counting
Mar 30 What you need to know about the Conficker worm
Apr 15 VMware Fusion bug breaches the guest-host OS wall
May 5 Why Firefox is my preferred browser
May 11 TechTool Pro 5
May 14 FireWire saves an iMac from a failed 10.5.7 upgrade
May 15 Pointer Remote for iPhone
May 15 First Look: Chromium browser for OS X
May 19 Application Wizard makes program switching easy
May 20 Close the Java security hole in many browsers
May 21 Add an OS 9-like app menu to OS X with ASM or multiXFinder
May 21 Hands on with the WolframAlpha computational knowledge engine
May 22 Click Archive: An easier way to work with disk images
May 25 DeskCover makes icons easier to see
May 26 Digital Sentry watches your computer's activities
May 27 iCab Mobile for iPhone
Jun 1 Quickoffice Files for iPhone
Jun 2 BdContacts: An alternative to Address Book
Jun 3 Hands on with the Opera 10 Web browser beta
Jun 4 Port Map: Simple port mapping for your router
Jun 5 WWDC Preview: What we know, what we expect with Snow Leopard
Jun 8 Snow Leopard more feature-laden than expected
Jun 9 DailyFinance and eTrade Mobile Pro for iPhone
Jun 12 Mariner Calc 1.2 for iPhone
Jun 17 How I use iPhone 3.0's Spotlight search
Jul 1 First Look: Firefox 3.5
Jul 6 SpamSieve 2.7
Jul 7 Personal Antispam X5
Jul 9 Chrome OS's impact? It's too early to tell
Jul 13 The no-worry backup plan
Jul 16 Purify 2.1
Jul 20 SpamX 4.0
Jul 22 Living on the EDGE
Jul 23 The Intel-only future draws closer
Jul 28 The case of the cracked iPhone
Jul 31 New NetNewsWire sync option isn't for everyone
Aug 4 SpamSweep 1.6.1
Aug 5 The end of the road for a favored text editor
Aug 6 Frankenbook! Another look at hacked Mac netbooks
Aug 27 Services step out in Snow Leopard
Aug 28 Snow Leopard's old and new annoyances
Aug 29 Snow Leopard: What's gone where
Sep 3 How to create a Service in Snow Leopard
Sep 15 Camtasia for Mac
Sep 23 Snow Leopard changes the rules about opening files
Sep 24 The real genius of the Genius Bar
Oct 13 Inside Snow Leopard's Guest account data loss bug
Oct 15 Apple allows in-app purchasing for free App Store apps
Oct 26 First Look: VMware Fusion 3
Oct 26 ScreenFlow 2.0 adds powerful new editing features
Oct 27 ScreenFlow 2
Nov 4 Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac arrives
Nov 20 Mad Skills Motocross
Nov 21 Why go Pro when iMac goes faster?
Dec 4 PDFpen 4.5
Dec 8 First Look: Chrome for Mac
Dec 21 Run Stats for iPhone
Dec 20 Batch conversion saves slow QuickTime clips
Dec 29 Add an ExpressCard solid state drive to some MacBook Pros

In search of iPhone golf GPS and/or scoring apps

Macworld logoI'm in the midst of a huge round-up of iPhone golf-specific GPS (range finder) and/or scorecard apps for Macworld. As of now, I've identified 32 of them, but I'm wondering if I've missed any. If you have a second, please check out this list and let me know (via a comment here or via Twitter) if you're aware of any other apps.

Read on for the list (note that some of these may be mis-categorized as I haven't tested all of them yet)...

Macworld: 2008 writings

Macworld logoAll (or as many as could be found online) of my 2008 writings for Macworld.

Jan 2 First Look: Excel 2008
Jan 14 Expo Notes: Office gets its day in the sun
Jan 15 Steve Jobs gets cohesive
Jan 15 Time should be on our side with iTunes rentals
Jan 15 MacBook Air: Holding my breath
Jan 16 Expo Notes: Hurrah for Houdah
Jan 16 Expo: Of Snowballs and Snowflakes
Jan 16 Expo Notes: Podcasters in glass houses
Jan 17 Expo Notes: TechTool Pro gets approachable
Jan 17 Expo Notes: Merge ahead
Jan 17 Microsoft Excel 2008
Jan 18 Expo Notes: Screenshot sharing
Jan 18 Expo Notes: Acura show its drive at Expo
Jan 18 Expo Notes: Cleaning Up at Expo
Jan 23 Stacking up the MacBook Air and a Sony Vaio
Jan 23 Avoid embarrassing typos
Jan 25 Expo's international flavor
Feb 25 The state of the union for iPhone apps
Feb 26 Mac case designs: Nirvana achieved?
Mar 5 HoudahSpot 2.0.8
Mar 6 When good hard drives go bad in small places
Mar 6 The iPhone SDK has all the right answers
Mar 7 ScreenFlow 1.0.2
Mar 12 iPhone SDK: One at a time?
Mar 14 Hands on with Firefox 3
Mar 25 Hardware Monitor 4.5
Apr 4 Leopard’s Unix tricks
Apr 15 Excel 2008 vs. Numbers ‘08
Apr 18 Apple and the homebuilt Mac community
Apr 18 Frankenmac! What's in a Mac clone?
Apr 24 iPhone battery life redialed
May 2 Flying through time
May 7 First Look: VMware Fusion 2.0 Beta 1
May 13 Basic lesson: Microsoft listens to its users
May 19 Best of Both Worlds: OS X and Windows
May 20 Microsoft Office: The killer Windows app
May 20 More killer Windows programs
May 21 The 10 best games you won’t find on your Mac
May 22 Psystar skates on thin ice
Jun 5 Does Apple have an OS X update up its sleeve at WWDC?
Jun 10 Some background on background processes
Jun 12 Apple announces Mac, iPhone design award winners
Jun 13 OS X virtualization options limited for desktop users
Jun 16 Lingon 2.1
Jun 17 Tidy Up! 1.4.2
Jun 23 SmartSleep 1.2
Jun 24 Smultron 3.5
Jun 25 SuperDocker 2.2.0
Jun 25 XP’s window is about to close
Jun 26 The ARDAgent security hole: What you need to know
Jun 26 MenuMeters 1.3
Jun 26 When installing software is too simple
Jul 9 A brave new world for iPhone apps
Jul 10 Window shopping at the App Store
Jul 10 View the web's images via iEnvision
Jul 10 Use Jott to record your thoughts
Jul 10 All the news that's fit to tap
Jul 11 Review: Mobile News Network for iPhone
Jul 16 Two steps forward and one big step backing up
Jul 16 Review: Jott for iPhone
Jul 18 Review: Bloomberg 1.1 for iPhone
Jul 21 Review: iEnvision for iPhone
Jul 21 Review: Golf scoring applications for iPhone
Jul 28 Review: NowLocal for iPhone
Jul 29 Review: Golf scoring applications for iPhone
Aug 1 Review: Mocha VNC and Mocha VNC Lite for iPhone
Aug 4 Review: Teleport for iPhone
Aug 5 Review: Firefox 3.0
Aug 5 How sound is Consumer Reports’ Safari advice?
Aug 6 More ways to protect yourself from phishing scams
Aug 12 Vetting the App Store approval process
Aug 14 Troubleshooting iPhone and iPod touch issues
Aug 15 Review: Secret keeper apps for the iPhone
Sep 1 Review: Dive Planner for iPhone
Sep 5 Review: 1Password for iPhone
Sep 10 First Look: iTunes 8.0
Sep 17 A market opportunity for Apple Remote Desktop
Sep 19 Practice good online password security
Sep 19 Review: X-Plane 9 for iPhone
Sep 23 Review: Frotz for iPhone
Sep 29 Apple and old equipment recycling
Sep 29 Profile: Automotive performance apps for the iPhone
Oct 1 More credit for Apple
Oct 6 Review: Gas station finders for the iPhone
Oct 6 Review: Razer ProClick Mobile Notebook Mouse
Oct 9 Review: Fuel mileage trackers for iPhone
Oct 9 iTunes and media file organization
Oct 14 Matte matters
Oct 15 Fluid
Oct 24 Review: Grocery list applications for the iPhone
Oct 27 Leopard’s year-old annoyances
Oct 31 Stop the page-flicking madness—give us iPhone folders
Nov 5 Remembering Michael Crichton
Nov 11 Shopping at Apple’s Special Deals site
Nov 13 Path Finder 5.0.2
Dec 3 Eddy Winner: VMware Fusion 2
Dec 3 Eddy Winner: ScreenFlow 1.0.2
Dec 4 Did Hulu deserve an Eddy?
Dec 8 Review: Another look at iGasUp
Dec 17 Review: Parallels 4 build 3540
Dec 17 Review: VMware Fusion 2.0.1
Dec 18 Review: Sun VirtualBox 2.0.6
Dec 18 Choosing a virtualization application
Dec 23 Review: RemoteTap for iPhone
Dec 16 The end of an era for Macworld Expo

New Macworld video posted…

Macworld logoIt was my turn on the Macworld video blog-go-round again this week. The topic I chose is "working with multiple Macs in one home." The end result is a 10-minute clip covering a number of third-party tools that make the process easier, and a couple of general usage hints.

Due to the huge number of downloads, the size of the video is 320x240. But if you want, you can see grab the original 640x480 version right here. Warning, it's 185MB in size (I didn't work very hard to compress it, so the quality is good, but it's huge).

Feedback from readers

Macworld logoAs you might guess, I get a lot of email from readers of Macworld and For the most part, I love hearing from readers -- even if it's negative feedback, believe it or not. In the case of negative feedback, however, it's nice if the writer provides enough detail so I know (a) what they're upset about, and (b) what I might be able to do about it. I've actually had many useful and productive exchanges with folks who wrote to flame me for one reason or another.

However, on the opposite side of the fence, as an example of the kind of useless feedback I hate receiving, I offer up this email that arrived this morning:

Do you proof read these articles before you publish them?

That was the entire email. I have no idea which typos the author may be referring to, nor for that matter, which one of the 20 to 30 things I wrote last week that those typos may be in. It's also somewhat ironic to note that proofread is one word, not two -- if you're going to chastise me for typos, it's best not to make any of your own!

I really do enjoy hearing from and corresponding with readers. But if you're going to take the time and effort to write to me, at least include enough information for me to understand what it is that's gotten your attention, so that I have some context for your comments and can respond in a meaningful manner.

Macworld video … upsized

Macworld logoAs you may (or may not) know, Macworld editors each take a turn in front of the video camera on a rotating cycle; my number came up again last week, and this is the result - an OS X productivity tips video (the link is to a page of info about the video). The only problem with that video is that it's 320x240, which makes the detail somewhat tough to see, especially in some of the larger screen captures. So I've decided to post (with Macworld's permission) the larger version of the video here for download:

Productivity tips video: 640x480, 8mins 50 seconds, 90.5MB

I'll do this with my future videos, too, at least until/unless my monthly bandwidth is used up. I don't foresee that becoming a problem, though, unless there are over 10,000 of you out there downloading this thing :).

Macworld: 2007 writings

Macworld logoHere's the full list of my 2007 Macworld articles; as usual, a few are missing from the aging archives…

Jan 2 Reading between Apple's lines
Jan 4 Safe Eyes 2006
Jan 8 'Twas the night before Expo
Jan 9 Expo reaction: iDisappointed
Jan 11 Don't crowd the iPhone
Jan 11 How not to start an Expo presentation
Jan 11 Ten iPhone suggestions
Feb 9 On meaningless hyperlink graphics
Feb 28 TypeIt4Me 3.1
Feb 28 Don't leave the Windows open
Mar 15 An Office 2008 VBA to AppleScript helper
Mar 16 The limits of Apple's warranty
Mar 26 Ring-a-ding-ding
Apr 9 No-stress remote access
Apr 16 Four ways to Windows
Apr 17 Parallels: Multi-OS powerhouse
Apr 18 VMWare: New kid on the block
Apr 19 CrossOver: Windows applications without Window
Apr 20 Boot Camp: Ultimate compatibility
May 1 Vacuous Vista versioning
May 15 Shopping, or not, at the online Apple Store
May 29 MacMania VI sails from Seattle
May 29 Breezing to Juneau
May 30 Cruising with Leopard
May 31 Juneau, you know
May 31 Going on a glacier safari
Jun 1 Ketchikan, if you can
Jun 1 A cool dive in a dry suit
Jun 4 Homeward bound
Jun 6 Cruising for cameras
Jun 8 A genuine disadvantage
Jun 10 First Look: Safari 3 beta
Jun 13 Apple's disappointing iPhone message
Jun 14
Jun 19 First Look: Leopard preview: What's new in OS X 10.5
Jun 27 Saft 8.3.12
Jul 9 What computer should I buy?
Jul 13 This enhancement is not so transparent
Jul 17 Parallels Desktop 3
Jul 18 Ten of my favorite iPhone things
Jul 25 Application launching woes
Jul 31 Six months to 1 billion
Aug 6 My Apple event wishlist
Aug 8 First Look: First Look: Numbers
Aug 8 Three things I don't understand about Apple's moves
Aug 16 Numbers '08
Aug 30 The Beatles on iTunes: Tomorrow never knows
Sep 17 Don't break my third-party iPhone apps
Sep 27 Fusion 1.0
Oct 1 iPhone 1.0 forever
Oct 12 Walking the walk
Oct 16 Customize your Mac
Oct 16 A few words about customization
Oct 17 In praise of TinkerTool
Oct 17 Time Machine could give hard-drive sales a jolt
Oct 18 How to: Upgrade a G5's optical drive
Oct 24 First Look: Analyzing Macworld's Leopard draft selections
Oct 24 First Look: Picking our favorite Leopard features
Oct 24 Inside Leopard: Time Machine
Oct 25 Inside Leopard: Finder and Dock
Oct 25 Inside Leopard: Safari and Automator
Oct 31 Inside Leopard: Under-the-hood
Oct 31 10.5: Upgrade or not?
Oct 31 First Look: Trojan Horse warning: What you need to know
Nov 1 How to: Discover malware before installing
Nov 13 From four to zero in a day
Nov 16 Where did that command go?
Dec 7 Choice additions to OS X
Dec 26 iMovie versus Final Cut Express
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