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Macworld: 2008 writings

Macworld logoAll (or as many as could be found online) of my 2008 writings for Macworld.

Jan 2 First Look: Excel 2008
Jan 14 Expo Notes: Office gets its day in the sun
Jan 15 Steve Jobs gets cohesive
Jan 15 Time should be on our side with iTunes rentals
Jan 15 MacBook Air: Holding my breath
Jan 16 Expo Notes: Hurrah for Houdah
Jan 16 Expo: Of Snowballs and Snowflakes
Jan 16 Expo Notes: Podcasters in glass houses
Jan 17 Expo Notes: TechTool Pro gets approachable
Jan 17 Expo Notes: Merge ahead
Jan 17 Microsoft Excel 2008
Jan 18 Expo Notes: Screenshot sharing
Jan 18 Expo Notes: Acura show its drive at Expo
Jan 18 Expo Notes: Cleaning Up at Expo
Jan 23 Stacking up the MacBook Air and a Sony Vaio
Jan 23 Avoid embarrassing typos
Jan 25 Expo's international flavor
Feb 25 The state of the union for iPhone apps
Feb 26 Mac case designs: Nirvana achieved?
Mar 5 HoudahSpot 2.0.8
Mar 6 When good hard drives go bad in small places
Mar 6 The iPhone SDK has all the right answers
Mar 7 ScreenFlow 1.0.2
Mar 12 iPhone SDK: One at a time?
Mar 14 Hands on with Firefox 3
Mar 25 Hardware Monitor 4.5
Apr 4 Leopard’s Unix tricks
Apr 15 Excel 2008 vs. Numbers ‘08
Apr 18 Apple and the homebuilt Mac community
Apr 18 Frankenmac! What's in a Mac clone?
Apr 24 iPhone battery life redialed
May 2 Flying through time
May 7 First Look: VMware Fusion 2.0 Beta 1
May 13 Basic lesson: Microsoft listens to its users
May 19 Best of Both Worlds: OS X and Windows
May 20 Microsoft Office: The killer Windows app
May 20 More killer Windows programs
May 21 The 10 best games you won’t find on your Mac
May 22 Psystar skates on thin ice
Jun 5 Does Apple have an OS X update up its sleeve at WWDC?
Jun 10 Some background on background processes
Jun 12 Apple announces Mac, iPhone design award winners
Jun 13 OS X virtualization options limited for desktop users
Jun 16 Lingon 2.1
Jun 17 Tidy Up! 1.4.2
Jun 23 SmartSleep 1.2
Jun 24 Smultron 3.5
Jun 25 SuperDocker 2.2.0
Jun 25 XP’s window is about to close
Jun 26 The ARDAgent security hole: What you need to know
Jun 26 MenuMeters 1.3
Jun 26 When installing software is too simple
Jul 9 A brave new world for iPhone apps
Jul 10 Window shopping at the App Store
Jul 10 View the web's images via iEnvision
Jul 10 Use Jott to record your thoughts
Jul 10 All the news that's fit to tap
Jul 11 Review: Mobile News Network for iPhone
Jul 16 Two steps forward and one big step backing up
Jul 16 Review: Jott for iPhone
Jul 18 Review: Bloomberg 1.1 for iPhone
Jul 21 Review: iEnvision for iPhone
Jul 21 Review: Golf scoring applications for iPhone
Jul 28 Review: NowLocal for iPhone
Jul 29 Review: Golf scoring applications for iPhone
Aug 1 Review: Mocha VNC and Mocha VNC Lite for iPhone
Aug 4 Review: Teleport for iPhone
Aug 5 Review: Firefox 3.0
Aug 5 How sound is Consumer Reports’ Safari advice?
Aug 6 More ways to protect yourself from phishing scams
Aug 12 Vetting the App Store approval process
Aug 14 Troubleshooting iPhone and iPod touch issues
Aug 15 Review: Secret keeper apps for the iPhone
Sep 1 Review: Dive Planner for iPhone
Sep 5 Review: 1Password for iPhone
Sep 10 First Look: iTunes 8.0
Sep 17 A market opportunity for Apple Remote Desktop
Sep 19 Practice good online password security
Sep 19 Review: X-Plane 9 for iPhone
Sep 23 Review: Frotz for iPhone
Sep 29 Apple and old equipment recycling
Sep 29 Profile: Automotive performance apps for the iPhone
Oct 1 More credit for Apple
Oct 6 Review: Gas station finders for the iPhone
Oct 6 Review: Razer ProClick Mobile Notebook Mouse
Oct 9 Review: Fuel mileage trackers for iPhone
Oct 9 iTunes and media file organization
Oct 14 Matte matters
Oct 15 Fluid
Oct 24 Review: Grocery list applications for the iPhone
Oct 27 Leopard’s year-old annoyances
Oct 31 Stop the page-flicking madness—give us iPhone folders
Nov 5 Remembering Michael Crichton
Nov 11 Shopping at Apple’s Special Deals site
Nov 13 Path Finder 5.0.2
Dec 3 Eddy Winner: VMware Fusion 2
Dec 3 Eddy Winner: ScreenFlow 1.0.2
Dec 4 Did Hulu deserve an Eddy?
Dec 8 Review: Another look at iGasUp
Dec 17 Review: Parallels 4 build 3540
Dec 17 Review: VMware Fusion 2.0.1
Dec 18 Review: Sun VirtualBox 2.0.6
Dec 18 Choosing a virtualization application
Dec 23 Review: RemoteTap for iPhone
Dec 16 The end of an era for Macworld Expo
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