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Catching up on my Macworld writing

Macworld logoOnce again, I've fallen behind in posting summaries of my Macworld articles here. I've now rectified that, and you'll find them all in the archives here on the proper date (i.e. the date that matches their appearance on I've included both blog entries (rants, usually) as well as a couple of reviews and such that I've worked on.

In case you'd like to catch up without digging through the archives, here's what I've added since the last time I caught up:

  1. June 13 - Apple's disappointing iPhone message: My reactions to the WWDC announcement that developers would only be able to write web applications for the iPhone.
  2. July 3 - Ten future iPhone apps: After only a few days with the iPhone, here's my list of the apps I'd most like to see added to the machine.
  3. July 3 - iPhone, therefore iTap and tap and...: All about tapping to check email on the iPhone (hint: it takes a lot of taps if you have multiple email accounts!).
  4. July 9 - What computer should I buy?: A theoretical conversation between two users about one's next computer purchase.
  5. July 13 - This enhancement is not so transparent: My initial reaction to the public unveiling of Leopard's translucent menu bar.
  6. July 18 - Ten of my favorite iPhone things: I don't hate the iPhone-really! To prove it, here's my list of ten things I find really amazing about the device.
  7. August 6 - My Apple event wishlist: The products I wished Apple would have introduced at the rollout of the new iMac.
  8. August 8 - First Look - Numbers: A quick overview of Apple's new spreadsheet application, Numbers, which is part of iWork '08.
  9. August 8 - Three things I don't understand about Apple's moves: In addition to being wrong with most of my event guesses, three things Apple did really confused me.
  10. August 16 - Review - Numbers: After doing the First Look on Numbers, I did the full review as well. The verdict? A decent effort, but not for those who are 'power users' of Excel.
  11. August 30 - The Beatles on iTunes - Tomorrow never knows: I ponder why everyone seems to care so much about The Beatles being addedd--some day--to iTunes.
  12. September 17 - Don't break my third-party iPhone apps: My (obviously ignored) plea to Apple to leave my iPhone and its third party applications alone.
  13. September 27 - Review - VMware Fusion: VMware Fusion is the newest entry into the virtualization market for Intel-powered Macs. So how does it stack up against Parallels, the first to market? Quite well, as I found out while writing the review.
  14. October 1 - iPhone 1.0 forever: Why I don't plan on upgrading my iPhone to version 1.1.1 any time in the forseeable future.

So there you have it; I'm once again caught up, but I'm not going to promise it stays that way :).