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Macworld: 2010 writings

Macworld logoAll (or as many as could be found online) of my 2010 writings for Macworld.

Jan 5LaunchCodes brings back 10.5-style document opening
Jan 13Does auto-expiring security software make sense?
Jan 21What key features will a tablet need before you buy one?
Jan 26What might a tablet's home screen look like?
Jan 26Fusion 3.0.1
Jan 26Parallels 5 (build 9308)
Jan 26VirtualBox 3.1.2
Jan 27Virtualization: Performance testing
Jan 27Virtualization: Which one to use?
Jan 27The iPad's five worst surprises
Jan 29Virtualization: Behind the scenes
Feb 25First Look: Quicken Essentials for Mac
Mar 8Why I don't use Google Docs
Mar 23Magic Launch brings creator-code support to Snow Leopard
Apr 3In the line for an iPad: A first-person account
Apr 9Why pay for Final Cut Express when iMovie is free?
Apr 29Numbers 1.0 for iPad
May 6Essential Mac utilities: text expanders
May 6Spell Catcher X 10.3.4
May 6Typinator 4.0
Jul 7Ten ways to customize Chrome
Jul 8First Look: Firefox 4 beta
Aug 2Office 2011 pricing penalizes owners of multiple Macs
Sep 13What OS X has meant to me
Sep 28Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011
Oct 12Office 2011: the macro is back
Oct 19OS X 10.7: The rumors and the reality
Oct 27Boost your Mac's speed with a hybrid drive
Oct 27Office 2011: Excel FAQ
Nov 5IT conference attendees react to Xserve's demise
Nov 9Recapping the MacTech conference
Nov 12Expert printing tips for Excel 2011
Nov 15Mac Pro: Tower of power