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New Macworld video posted…

Macworld logoIt was my turn on the Macworld video blog-go-round again this week. The topic I chose is "working with multiple Macs in one home." The end result is a 10-minute clip covering a number of third-party tools that make the process easier, and a couple of general usage hints.

Due to the huge number of downloads, the size of the video is 320x240. But if you want, you can see grab the original 640x480 version right here. Warning, it's 185MB in size (I didn't work very hard to compress it, so the quality is good, but it's huge).

1 thought on “New Macworld video posted…”

  1. Thank you, very much!

    I'm the home IT guy. I also do that for a living so anything that makes it easier to work in Screen Sharing to support my wife's MacBook Pro is wonderful.

    My wife is a Realtor and former Windows user with a lot of bad Windows habits and "doesn't have time" to learn a better way to do things. Getting to her screen has been great with Screen Sharing. These tips make it even greater.

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