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About Rob

Hello stranger, or possibly not a stranger. My name is Rob Griffiths, and this blog is home to all my ramblings. After stumbling through college (Finance), I worked for IBM and Apple, then a few smaller companies. While working for a technology trade show company, I launched Mac OS X Hints in the fall of 2000, and ran it as a hobby for about five years.

Macworld purchased the site and hired me in 2006, and I then worked for them (writing and running the site) through early 2010, when I departed to join Peter Maurer at Many Tricks, which is where I still hang my hat, as they say.

I may still very occasionally write for Macworld as a contributor, and I used to co-co-host The Committed podcast with Ian Schray and Kirk McElhearn. You can also find me on TwitterX, though I don't post there much at all. Instead, follow me on Mastodon.

But enough about me; feel free to get back to the ramblings