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Macworld video … upsized

Macworld logoAs you may (or may not) know, Macworld editors each take a turn in front of the video camera on a rotating cycle; my number came up again last week, and this is the result - an OS X productivity tips video (the link is to a page of info about the video). The only problem with that video is that it's 320x240, which makes the detail somewhat tough to see, especially in some of the larger screen captures. So I've decided to post (with Macworld's permission) the larger version of the video here for download:

Productivity tips video: 640x480, 8mins 50 seconds, 90.5MB

I'll do this with my future videos, too, at least until/unless my monthly bandwidth is used up. I don't foresee that becoming a problem, though, unless there are over 10,000 of you out there downloading this thing :).