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In search of iPhone golf GPS and/or scoring apps

Macworld logoI'm in the midst of a huge round-up of iPhone golf-specific GPS (range finder) and/or scorecard apps for Macworld. As of now, I've identified 32 of them, but I'm wondering if I've missed any. If you have a second, please check out this list and let me know (via a comment here or via Twitter) if you're aware of any other apps.

Read on for the list (note that some of these may be mis-categorized as I haven't tested all of them yet)...

GPS-only apps

  • FreeCaddie
  • FreeCaddie Pro
  • Golf Telemeter
  • GreenFinder
  • myCaddie Pro Golf Range Finder
  • Range Finder
  • YouCaddy Golf GPS

Scorecard-only apps

  • Birdie
  • Fore!
  • Golf Memoir
  • Golf Tracker
  • Golf-Ace
  • Golfshot
  • Hey, What’s the Golf Score?
  • iYardage
  • PasturePool Golf
  • TeeShots

Scoring and GPS apps

  • AccelGolf
  • AirVue Golf
  • Caddy
  • Caddy.Me
  • EZGpsGolf PRO
  • FlyCaddie
  • Golf Suite
  • GolfTraxx
  • OhMyGolf
  • Plum Caddy
  • ProCreative Golf 09
  • TeeDroid 3G
  • TeeToGreen Golf GPS
  • vCaddy
  • ViewTi Golf

All additions welcomed; I'd like to make sure I'm covering as much of the known universe as possible with this round-up!


9 thoughts on “In search of iPhone golf GPS and/or scoring apps”

  1. The list above looks complete to me. I woul move myCaddy Pro to GPS+scoring and have myCaddy in GPS only. (myCaddy has a very good interface for adding courses, which is why I use it.)

  2. Here is another one I ran across. It has a ugly interface, but looks usable., though it looks like it posted twice as two different apps . Really, the only way you are going to get *all* of the golf apps, even the crappy ones that no one uses, is to search the app store and go through all of the results.

  3. That last one --eGolfScore -- is a clone of Golf Memoir, which I looked at in the first round-up I did. Also, something's weird because it's been posted a *bunch* of times. I think the author is gaming the system somehow, as the following are all essentially identical:

    Golf Memoir
    Golf Memoir Gold - this one's $20, and I don't know why!

    I'm not sure what's going on here, but it's a bit odd.


  4. Hi Rob,

    At MEJA Tech, we are just finishing up a golf app called GolfBet (TM) that fits in a category by itself -- Golf Betting Apps.

    GolfBet starts by giving the user a unique and very quick way to keep score. The widgets we invented for this purpose let you enter scores for all four players in under four seconds! We expand on this by automatically tracking any number of concurrent wagers. Included are standards like "Match-play", "Stroke-play", "Nassau" and "Skins", plus a huge number of additional games.

    When the user selects a game, a list shows all of the possible participants. For example, with a foursome, match play is typically played against two pairs of players or as a 'side game' against individuals from opposite pairs. So if the players of a foursome are A&B and C&D, the possible games are A&B against C&D; A against C; A against D; B against C; and B against D.

    Keeping track of these games and their scores means taking into account the handicaps of the players participating in each specific game and their resultant net scores. GolfBet automatically does this and presents the results on a beautiful expanded, scrolling scorecard. It even keeps track of any "Press" or doubling that might raise the stakes any of the many games that might be concurrently played.

    The scorecard can be emailed to your computer in PDF form for archiving or printing.

    We plan to release this exciting series of games in stages. The first version (to be released in about 1 month) will only include one or two betting games. The extended version will contain a larger gallery of games. We are still considering whether to allow "InApp" purchase of new games through the application, or through iTunes app purchases.

    If you like we would be happy to send you a pre-release version for your review.

    With kind regards,
    Jerry Antoine
    MEJA Tech
    [email protected]

  5. Just so we're clear, the GPS isn't needed to find the ball, but to find the distance from the ball to the green, or to some other point of interest, such as to clear a water hazard.


  6. Phone Golf Apps -- New Betting App

    Hi Rob,

    A few weeks ago I commented about a golf app called GolfBet. We now released it under a different (and more appropriate) name.

    The new app is called iBetOnGolf.

    This app is so simple to use. It lets you keep track of your foursome's stroke counts, calculates handicaps, and keeps score of any number of ongoing games between the members of the foursome. Included are Match Play, Nassau, and two versions of Skins. Upcoming versions will include lots more games.

    Check it out !

    (see iBetOnGolf at the iTunes App Store !)

    -- Jerry
    [email protected]

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