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Useful site: iStockNow finds Apple products

During today's recording of our The Committed podcast, Ian mentioned a site he uses to check for sometimes hard-to-acquire Apple products. The site, iStockNow, is very nicely designed and makes it really simple to check availability not only at your local stores, but also globally.

Start by clicking the left-side filters section for the products you'd like to check on, then view the map on the right to see where they're in stock. For example, a search for the 15" MacBook Pro Touch Bar in Space Gray shows that it's available throughout North America, except in Mexico City:

But if you search for a 42mm Apple Watch in Stainless Steel in retail stores, you'll see that most of North America is a sea of red. Zoom in on the map, though, and there are some stores with stock:

When you find a store with inventory—the green pushpin—click on it to get the details of that store's inventory:

If you're looking for something particularly hard to find—cough AirPods cough—iStockNow may just help you secure your item. According to Ian, at least, that's exactly how he got his AirPods!

2 thoughts on “Useful site: iStockNow finds Apple products”

  1. Rob,

    There is a website,, that will send you an email or text alert whenever your local store has AirPods in stock. I learned about the site on the macrumors forum:

    I signed up for the site last week and within a couple of days I got an alert telling me that AirPods were in stock in a local store. I used the Apple Store app to buy the AirPods and then picked them up later that day. There is no charge for the service and it is easy to unsubscribe.

    BTW, I really enjoy your podcast. You, Ian and Kirk have a nice rapport, different viewpoints, and a ton of experience, Thank you.


    1. Thanks for the kind words on the podcast, Dan! And there's a notification service on the iStockNow site, too, though I haven't yet tried it. Nice to see there are options out there for getting the latest and greatest.


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