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The ridiculous economics of Real Racing 3

I used to play a lot of Real Racing 3 (RR3), an iOS auto racing game. Like, quite a lot. At one point, I owned all 132 cars available at that time, and had completed all the events.

To reach that point, I spent about $60 on in-app purchases—RR3's in-app purchases were really expensive. And yes, that's a lot, but I didn't own a console at the time, and I judged the app worth the cost of a console racing game. (I also took advantage of some programming glitches that enabled occasional free in-app purchase items; without these glitches, I doubt I would have made it as far as I did.)

Once I'd spent $60 and could go no further without spending more, I stopped playing; $60 was my limit. I did keep my iCloud save game file in case I wanted to revisit it someday. That someday was yesterday.

Since I left, the game has grown a lot: There are now 171 cars available, or 39 more than when I stopped playing. To finish the game again, I'd need to acquire (and upgrade) all of those cars (and race a huge number of new races). I thought "maybe it's OK to spend another $60 or so; it's been a few years."

But as I looked into what it might cost to finish the game, I found that the economics are still absolutely ridiculous. How ridiculous? About $3,665 ridiculous. Yes, I estimate it would cost me $3,665 to finish RR3. At that spending level, though, there are some other purchases I could consider…

Instead of finishing RR3, I could purchase a commercial-grade 48" gas range. Or I could buy a loaded Touch Bar Retina MacBook Pro with a 2.9GHz Core i7 CPU, 1TB SSD, and upgraded graphics.

The third option, though, is the best comparison: For $129 less than what I think it would cost me to finish RR3, I could purchase all of the following:

That's a full console-based driving setup, including a 65" 4K TV, for less than what I'd probably have to pay to finish (temporarily, until the next expansion) Real Racing 3. Yes, I'd say that's ridiculous.

But where do my numbers come from, and how could I possibly think it'd cost that much to finish the game?! Read the rest if you'd like the nitty-gritty on my $3,665 estimate.

Like most all "free" iOS games, in-game currency is required to actually get things done in RR3. And like other free iOS games, you can win the in-game currency by playing the game, or you can buy it with real world dollars.

In the case of RR3, the currency is both something called R$, and gold coins. You spend your in-game currency on cars, upgrades to those cars, and maintenance of the cars—sometimes you have to use R$, sometimes you have to use gold coins. But because R$ are relatively easy to earn by playing, I'm not worried about having to buy those to finish the game. The gold coins are another story.

Gold coins are much harder to earn, as you only get them for completing portions of racing events within a racing series, and for certain other special activities. Here was my reward for finishing a portion of an event in the NASCAR series, for example:

Four gold coins. Not bad, you might think? Well, here are the next four events in the NASCAR series:

I don't own any of those four cars yet, so I can't enter any of the events. How much does one of the cars cost? Here's the Ford Fusion, required for Joey Logano's event:

Yes, 500 gold coins. For one car. And I just received a whopping four coins for completing 25% of an event (about 15 individual races). For completing an entire event, the total gold coin payout is somewhere between 30 and 70, depending on the length of the event. There are only so many events to complete; I don't have the 40 or so left that it would take to win those 2,000 gold coins!

Hence, to "win" the game (complete all the series, own all the cars, have them all fully upgraded), you really do have to spend real world money, or invest a lot of time playing RR3. (You get a total of 100 gold coins per month, assuming you play the game at least once every day of the month. Miss one day, and it resets.)

To see where my $3,665 cost estimate came from, here's how I calculated the total cost of acquiring and upgrading the 39 cars I'm missing.

Acquiring the cars

Some cars can be bought with R$, but most require gold coins. How many gold coins? Well, in the case of those four NASCAR cars, 500 gold coins each. Of the 39 cars I need to buy, there are 14 that are unlocked and buyable already. (The others would be unlocked by completing more events). Of those 14 cars, just one can be bought with R$; the rest require gold coins. The average purchase cost for those 13 cars is 581 gold coins.

13 cars * 581 coins/car = 7,553 gold coins

But that's just for the 13 cars I can see now; there are another 26 that I can unlock to purchase. If the same 93%/7% ratio of gold/R$ holds for those cars, that means another 24 cars to purchase with gold coins:

24 cars * 581 coins/car = 13,944 gold coins

Maybe these other 26 will be cheaper (I can't tell yet), so let's simplify the math and just say the average cost is 500 gold coins per car for all 37 non-R$ cars:

37 cars * 500 coins/car = 18,500 gold coins

To acquire all the cars, I'll need 18,500 gold coins. So much for buying the cars; now they need upgrades…


Upgrades are sold in levels (one through five, usually) and for multiple areas of the car (engine, suspension, wheels, etc.—four to six areas, depending on the car). So any one car could have between 20 and 30 available upgrades.

Dive into one of those tiles, and you'll see the current available upgrade and its cost:

50 gold coins to gain 1mph in top speed and reduce the 0-60 time by .04 seconds. Holy cow, that's a lot of coin for a tiny improvement! And that's just one upgrade in one of the categories. Upgrades can require R$ or gold (but not both).

Each level of upgrade is more costly than the prior level, and as you move up the scale, the high-end upgrades tend to be sold only for gold coins, not for R$.

As an example, here are the in-game costs for a level one to level two upgrade on a single Formula E SRT_01E race car:

AreaGold Coins
Total Coins263

That's 263 coins to buy just one of the four remaining upgrade levels on this car—and upper levels are more expensive. Assume they increase by 10% (it's more than that), then to fully upgrade this one car, I'd need to spend:

263 [Level 2] + 289 [Level 3] + 318 [Level 4] + 350 [Level 5] = 1,220 gold coins

There are some complications to this math (not all levels have the same number of upgrades, some can be bought with R$), so let's make it easy, and say it takes 1,000 gold coins to go from no upgrades to full upgrades on one car.

Not all cars are the same, though; this one is a high-end racing car. So let's further assume that all the upgrades on a more normal-tiered vehicle could be done for 350 gold coins. Looking at the acquisition cost of the 13 new cars I can see, roughly 30% are "normal" and 70% are "high end."

Doing the final math, my gold coin cost to fully upgrade the 39 new cars comes to…

(12 normal cars * 350 coins) + (27 high-end cars * 1000 coins) = 31,200 gold coins

I'm no math whiz, but that seems like a lot of gold coins…

From virtual gold coins to real dollar bills

If I'm to complete the game again, I'll need to come up with 18,500 in gold for the car purchases, and another 31,200 gold coins for the upgrades. That's 49,700 gold coins. Now, you can win gold coins by playing—but very slowly, and in very low numbers. If I play at least one race very day for one month, for instance, I'll earn 100 gold coins. That won't even pay for two individual upgrades on one high-end car.

But let's be generous, and assume I can earn 25% (12,425, which I doubt is even possible) of the gold coins I'll need. That leaves me with a required balance of 37,275 gold coins.

As noted, I decided I would be willing to pay up to $60 more, bringing my total RR3 cost to $120, if I could finish for that amount of money. So could I get all 37,275 for $60? Not even close!

Here's how gold coins are priced in the RR3 store:

The cheapest cost-per-coin is (of course) in the $99.99 bucket, which provides 1,019 coins. Again, time for some math…

37,275 required coins ÷ 1,019 coins/pack = 36+ packs

Buying 36 of the $99.99 coin packs gets me almost there—it's "just" 591 gold coins short. Add in the 476 pack ($49.99), 87 pack ($9.99), and 42 pack ($4.99), and I'll be done, and have a whopping 14 gold coins in the bank.

Add all that up:

(36 * 99.99) + $49.99 + $9.99 + $4.99 = $3,664.61

To finish RR3, I'd be required to invest $3,664.61—plus countless hundreds of hours of gameplay to try to win the 12,425 gold coins I've assumed I can earn—just to finish the game.

That's completely insane.

I have no problem paying for games. I have no problem paying $60 for $120 for an exceptional iOS game if its gameplay and features make it a console-worthy alternative. But in what universe is paying $3,664.61 to finish playing a game make any sort of sense at all?

(Note that if you apply my math to the entire game—buy and upgrade all 171 cars—it'd cost you perhaps 122,512 gold coins, or roughly $12,021. Holy cow…)

Sorry, RR3…your economics don't fit in my wallet. Back to the trashcan you go.

41 thoughts on “The ridiculous economics of Real Racing 3”

  1. Outstanding article. I've always found P2W games an absurdly inflated measure of the value of the software/IP. This proves it.

    (For pay-racing games I recommend F1 2016)

  2. Thanks. I knew it was expensive, but that was the first time I sat down and figured out just how expensive. I was quite shocked by the results.


  3. The EA always play dirty with us ... It has changed a lot in a few years, with the new "market" (stupid people) ...

  4. Fink I'm gonna stop playing ha eat wasted real money yet and don't plan to fuck that

    1. Dude you need to download Lucky Patcher to play this game
      I just got 199 Cars out of 199 Cars today My General Stats This is how much it will cost to get 199 cars. Total time played 441.02:52 Hrs Earnings $40,300,201 Money Spent $362,469,535 Fame points 5547993 Total Gold Gained 290,560 199 Cars Total Garage Value $916,417,795 Total Upgrades Done 5246 OUT OF POCKET COST to own $322,189,344. So at $99.99 for 5,000,000 or $99.99 for 1019 Gold it will cost you out of pocket to own all 199 cars About $6.500 do the math. It took me 441 hours and $363,000,000 to get all 199 cars. How is playing the game FREE??? and No I did not spend $6,500.00 to play the game, but that is how much it will cost you to have all 199 cars. Thank You antzzolo279 aka: Unpopular Trucker 6164

      1. Michael Carpenter

        Hi could you please walk me thru this lucky patcher I tried down load it once and it was in another language and I just could not get it to work!! I tried all the links in the utube videos and they are bogus or I'm an idiot!? I love this game but cannot afford the 4.99 pack let alone anything else and I'm at stand still on most of my levels cause I can't purchase the cars neccesary to play them, I'd really appreciate it, my name's Mike 206you could call or text me or 415email me2390 and mikeycapenter at that place Gmail ? thank you!!

  5. Ok - but I own 106 cars, reached Elite Racer (level169) earned 12864 Gold and 121.864.664 R$, NEVER cheated and I spent so far ZERO US$.... all I did was driving... :)

    1. Alex:

      I believe you; I think I was up to 80 or so cars before I got so frustrated by the massive time commitment that I looked for other ways to play. However, I don't think you can "complete" the game without spending real world dollars. And by complete I mean owning every car, every car with max upgrades, and all events completed. The longer you play, the harder it is to earn gold coins, because your primary method of doing that (completing events) is gone, as you've completed most events. So you're left with winning gold through weekly trials, etc.

      It may be possible to complete without ever spending a dime (or spending only a reasonable number of dimes), but that's going to take an incredible amount of time spent in the game.


      1. Hi, I fully agree it's impossible to complete a 100% without spending real money. But is that really necessary to have fun and enjoy the game?

        I am playing RR3 for more than 3 years now (or ist 4 years already;)), played almost 1600 hours, earned over 28'000 Gold coins and don't know what to do with the over 30 millions R$.I'm on Level 352 and never spent real Money (but invested a lot of time).

        So the challenge for me is to get all cars (currently I am at 179 of 182), stay over 80% of completed events (currently 81%), having won more than 75% of the races (11117 of 14816), which is pretty easy AND last but not least having the fastest cars fully upgraded and completed the fastest events, which are:

        Campionato Scuderia Ferrari (Ferrari 412 T2)
        Ferrari Evolution (Ferrari 412 T2)
        Cutting Edge (McLaren MP4-X)

        Maybe you can consider this too:)

        Cursi (from Switzerland)

      2. It actually is completely possible to beat the game without spending money, look on YouTube for RealRacingGuru. He spent $3 a long time ago and has every single car fully upgraded.

        1. I didn't say it was impossible, I said it would require a ton of time in the game. You'd spend that time doing events over and over to add R$, competing in the multi-player and hoping to win or place (to get gold), and watching adverts (more gold).

          I just didn't have the time required, because it's literally thousands of hours to do it that way.


    2. That`s what I call commitment lol :)
      If by any chance you get notified about comments, mind me asking how LONG that took? :/
      I had played for 17hrs and 17 minutes when I hit 1% completion with 8 cars in my garage..

      1. I reinstalled RR3 today to check. It says I've played for 872 hours. I also notice that there are now 191 cars, up 20 since I wrote this at the beginning of the year. I'm now down to 48% completion.


    3. And how many hours do you have in the game? He was saying that he didn't have many hours to play. I will stick to the Xbox forza 6. Unfortunately I heard that they did the same thing with forza 7 and it costs money to play that game also, I will not be buying that one either.

  6. Before Real Racing, I'd never really played any of these "free" games monetized with IAP (with restricted resources and game delays to encourage you to make IAPs). I was also used to games where the goal is to "complete". But I saw my boyfriend playing it and it looked so good so I picked it up last year. It was a shock to see that this game wasn't much fun played with a strict 100% completion goal. And like you, I found it frustrating and, well, the $ outlay required insulting! And then I found the rr3 wikia community.

    Seeing the cold hard math made me step back and ask: what is really fun, for me, about the game? Honestly, it's the gorgeous visuals, realistic feel, and trying to get better. I don't need all the cars or all the cars upgraded, or even to complete all the events or series. When I let go of the goal of "completion" I started having lots of fun for cheap. I do require regular fresh content though -- and RR3 delivers that at my level of casual play -- I'll never catch up or run out of content if they keep pumping it out like they are.

    Folks at rr3 wikia already compute the gold cost of series and cars and required upgrades in advance. This way I don't waste my time on a series I can only do a few events of before needing too much gold. Forget NASCAR, for sure! And, until they made the Formula E cars free recently, I skipped those too! But there is plenty left! I still haven't even finished series that will be gold positive for me given what I already have yet (and I'm level 109 with 93 cars).

    I almost never farm (10 laps of LeMans? How boring! I only have a 4 lapper open and I'll only sometimes do it for the fame/RS on bonus days only, and even then I'll often skip it -- it's about maximizing fun, not maximizing gold. So even 15 min of a track I don't particularly like? Forget it). Sure, I watch 5 videos for 5 coins a day but not more, 30+, forget it! Like you said, the daily check-in bonus gives about 100GC/month (I'm not 'elite' where they double it), oh, and if you miss it doesn't 'reset' you just miss out on the last day's bonus (30 GC, tho!). I level up about three times a month for 75 coin bonus. So, without wasting time farming, I can get about 325 coins a month, sometimes more if there is a really fun limited time series or event and I level up more. A few months ago I did buy the $20 378 coin pack (where they give you 18 coins a day for 21 days). And I use itunes credit that I usually buy at a discount, so actual cost was less than that.

    And right now, some of those limited time series and events are a lot of fun for me: bash 20 windows? Sure! Let me at 'em. I only start an event after the rr3 wikia community has determined the gold cost. They I decide if it's worth it. It often is! I get enough gold to complete some of those limited time series which gives me partially upgraded cars that I can earn more gold with later when I do their series, more series opened, and more cars to do time trials with.

    For fun I also do the weekly time trials and the time trials I've opened in series to get better and see how I place (not good -- but I'm improving -- and no, I don't care if I don't have the best fully upgraded car). And I try to beat my boyfriend at events I've already completed (I usually do, to! I drive without assists and he doesn't. I followed advice from the rr3 community early to learn how to do that from nearly the beginning, and now I prefer it and find it a lot more fun! Crashing hard when you mess up just seems right!).

    As long as casual fun play at getting better and getting to race on new tracks and with new cars now and then continues to be possible, I'll be a RR3 player. If I run out of affordable content -- good bye and thanks for the ride!

  7. What I know is this, to fully upgrade McLaren MP4-X you will need more than 4000 coins. This after getting it, I think it was 1200 coins. To do it for free, you will need more than one year of every day racing without spending gold, and if you are average on racing, double it. You have more than 20 cars like that on the game (more than 3000 coins to upgrade) and every month they add something more for you to spend coins on it. You may be lucky and upgrade those cars in a 50% week off but you will need to have the coins ready to do it or you will have to spend real money, the ultimate goal of EA. The game is great, but where are the 60€ games that you buy for PC and have full access to local and online contents? I know this is a billion dollar market and has long there are people spending 4000€/year or monthly, this will not stop. I recently raced an online match and to my team to get to the first’s 100 places, we needed to make an average speed of 300km/h, all 20 of us assuming that our group was full. The winning team had a 542km/h average speed each player... It's nice to race the fastest cars ever made but it's not fair when another team use airplanes... and EA does nothing about that... This game rocks and this game sucks. So I just quit playing it.

  8. Great article!
    I was actually just wondering how many cars there are, thought maybe some were hidden etc.
    Then I stumbled on to this and was thoroughly shocked and pretty pissed off..
    I knew it was expensive, and that I might have to forego large parts of the game due to the price of gold.
    I mean NO app with in app purchases up to and beyond 100 bucks should even be allowed to exist.
    Fuck EA for pricing it, and fuck google play store for allowing the publishing.
    Im saving this article on my pc, sharing on FB, and will talk about it with anyone willing to listen.
    s just fucking diabolical..
    Even MORE people will hate EA pretty soon..

  9. A Real Racing 3 Player

    Wow, what an article. I suspected it would cost as much, I just couldn't be bothered to do the math.

    But players who play it for fun than playing it to win will really "win" with Real Racing 3 the graphics are awesome with on point sound effects, and just about everything is polished to perfection in the game.

  10. If one were to level up to the maximum - 1,000 - you'd earn around 55,000 Gold. But consider how long that might take. Racing 10 laps of Le Mans takes around 30 minutes. On average around 10 races are needed to level up. I'm at level 250, so I need to race 7,500 x 30 minutes, or 3,750 hours, to get there. At an hour a day that's over 10 YEARS. Of course, there is a 'Fame Agent', and daily % fame bonuses, I don't have the spreadsheet with me but let's figure on halving that time. That's still ~5 YEARS. An hour a day, every day, for five years. That's without the 3 or 4 new cars that arrive every 6 weeks or so, each of which can be won (if you spend gold on upgrades, naturally) for around 300 gold. To be fair, the new cars each cycle can be obtained by watching ads and the daily gold bonuses, so they're about revenue neutral to obtain - but each will cost around 1,000 gold to fully upgrade. So in 5 years time that's roughly another 150 cars added - or 150,000 gold...

  11. This week Grid Autosport came out. It's very large and needs a powerful device but it blows RR3 away, in my opinion. Graphics, gameplay, sound, controls, immersion, realism, you name it.

    Oh and it's $10 and you're done.

  12. I am at level 199 wth 140 of the current 199 cars. My observations are these; 1- yes play for fun life is too short, and time too precious, and money better spent elsewhere. Stay away from the real time races with real time opponents, once they see you are doing well they simply cheat making the whole thing utterly pointless. Try not to get angry when you realize that one upgrade you need to end an event or start another costs 200-500 coin...programmers are bastards. Many times you will take a corner in the same car at the same speed, on the same trajectory and find something completely different are not in the real world driving against the universe just a game driving against the guys who designed it. Take a walk, read a book, play with your kid.

  13. I’m at level 150, own 173 of the 200+ cars available and when summing up all the money already spent on iTunes bills due to RR3, I’d say your estimation is an understatement!
    That said it’s a choice we make. We can choose not to play and if there are enough people willing to pay then the product is successful and may well be a luxury...

  14. I don't know what country you live in but in Australia the cost of purchasing gold and r's is way more than the cost you show here (good article though and interesting to read ) I have been playing for years and I am an elite player (means you get double daily sign on bonus ) but the expense is ridiculous and I hate the new update once again they have ruined it. I don't know what their thinking I suspect not at all other than the $ rolling in, bad plan.

  15. I've spent 1644 hours in the game (most of the time it was just my mobile turned on and lying somewhere), reached level 138 and acquired 127 out of 209 cars. I didn't pay a dime, however I found out, that this game is addictive in a worst, drug-like, way. My wife was angry that I'm constantly clicking on ads, or racing from time to time - daily. I've almost dropped the game completely afterwards.
    But now quick math:
    You got 100 gold monthly, can click 5 times daily to have roughly 150 gold from the ads - 250 in total. Last update added 5 cars & one for free (wow! - there must have been a mistake!), average updates cost in order to get all those cars was circa 2300 gold. You could get additional gold for winning, but anyway you had to spent more than $200 to do all that. For just ONE DAMNED UPDATE!
    Update comes once every 1.5 months (roughly). If you do the math... It's NOT POSSIBLE to acquire all new cars from each update without paying a lot of real money. And what about a bunch of cars added in the past? How you can get them?
    In the country I live (central Europe) about $1300 - $1500 salary net is a nice one, and above the average (mind you that prices for some stuff are lower than in US). Now spending at least $100 monthly just on ONE, old, mobile game?!
    I've recently bought Skyrim for instance. For about $10 - brand new - no extra payments. You can legally buy GRID or DIRT for about $10 each. And many more.
    Honestly... I have a rule of thumb: each and every EA game I've ever played (excluding FIFA 99 & NFS MW) was pirated. Because screw them and their wicked politics, extra payments, DLCs, broken economics, and money-leeching.

    One more thing: after racing 1000 times on Laguna Seca, or SPA, or wherever else, it's just getting extremely boring. Many cars behave almost the same, there are only petty differences.

    I'm only wondering (after reading your comments guys), why are we all wasting SO MUCH time and sometimes real money for old, boring and repetitive game?
    Screw that - I'm going to spend more time with my daughter...

  16. Great article. Speaking as a sad 64 year old child, this confirms what I have suspected for years. In short, a beautiful game to look at BUT as long as us mugs are prepared to fork out real world cash for a game, EA will be laughing all the way to the bank. Being an old Scotsman with short arms and deep pockets, I only spent about £20 on IAP before I worked out how many deep fried Mars Bars I could buy instead. I still play every day but would NEVER part with a penny to continue playing.

    1. It's gotten worse? Egads. Glad I've resisted the occasional urge to pick it up again.


      1. Still getting worse, or at least more expensive. They've been doing shorter update cycles with more cars recently, 1 new car/week, which is also squeezing players.

        The most recent update introduced the Porsche 919 Evo. That car, while being an expensive Limited Time Series (LTS) at a cost of 660GC (you get 150GC in rewards, so 510GC net cost), also has a final upgrade on the car (Stage 7 Engine upgrade), which costs 1310GC on its own!!
        1310GC for a single upgrade on a single car in the game. It's by far surpassed the previous most expensive single upgrade, by hundreds of GC. To fully upgrade the 919 Evo, it costs over 3200GC!

  17. Played this game years ago.

    Seeing that one can not finish the game, nor complete an event to win a car without spending real money on ridiculous expensive upgrades, i just quit.

    There are hundreds of games out there!

  18. I've played this game for almost 200 hours and haven't spent a dime. If your intent on having all the expensive cars, yeah, you'll need spend, but if your playing casually, you can enjoy this game a hour or so a day, and never give them your money. there isn't a better racing game for mobile devices out there.

  19. Hi ! Though many players are spending money, there is also a method to win hundreds of gold, and even thousands of gold on the long run. It's called the rr3 time zone trick, easy to find on google or youtube and it works on apple and android. It's not a hack, you won't get banned for it and as a free to play player i even reached the elite status the other day, without spending a single dollar, and doing this method since 2017 to always keep my gold flowing. rr3 time zone trick my friend, it's all you need to enjoy this game :-)

  20. Hi from the Philippines. Yes, the game is too much in real money and non-US players suffer too much if they want to level up. Some invest time to cheat or invest time to play it, like getting addicted to it. But for me as a casual player, I just re-installed it and hoping it will have a qualifying lap or practice run yet they don't add it. I just want to enjoy the game. Yet EA guys are crazy about money.

  21. I am quite agreed with maths in the article (getting gold coins are damnately difficult and spending them ridiculously easy). But... is that the only possible valuation? The end of the game? I think not. I played hundreds hours for free, got 1 hundred + cars, many of them top or very singular and expensive. I spent no real money. The proposal of EA is real racing. Do you think real racing is cheap in real world? You think you can buy any race car you want? Hiring a F4 for a season is over $ 200,000 (without broken parts) and it is one of cheaper formulas. So I think you must enjoy and dont worry about finishing the game. I would like it would never finish

  22. Hi all,

    I have just started playing the game.. nor i have seen all the cars i have to unlock... or niether the events... if i go through your economics... i will definitely stop playing from this moment... but if i think that.. okk not all cars or all events i can play... but may be its about your passion for the sports... like in real life... a billionaire will also not purchase all of the supercars or high end racing cars or what u say all the gold cars... its just a passion to play.. to race with other people around the world.. i think...
    Thanks anyways.. i got it not to go for calculations ... and spend as much as little real money on the game....

  23. Vidmantas Norkus

    Realy boring gameplay, to reach higher levels it takes infinity laps, want to go faster into last level where cars might be faster, wrote script for android via adb commands you can click on ads wait and close

  24. The whole business model of many a "Free to download!" game is based on the simple fact that there is a very small number of people who can afford to pay utterly ludicrous amounts of 'real world' money to advance in the game, and will. I have read of people who'll dump $10,000 dollars into them.

    Think about it: 100 guys who, on average, will spend about $10 bucks to try and advance. The game company makes $1000. Then there is that one guy who will fork over $10,000. He's worth a thousand players to them.

    I just pray that this totally ****ed business model never infects PC gaming.

  25. I really suggest that you take a second look at the Gear.Club racing game, its a way fair racing game with a great dose of simulation and arcade feeling, it really puts the succes on your hability to handle the car. Its very fun to struggle with an average car on a advanced track and see that you can overcome the dificulties by being a accurate driver.

    Real Racing 3 is a great game, but when we get a good look at it we can easily figure out that all series of races have many many events to complete before you can earn even a few bucks with it and all the series are very easy at the beginning but when you get to some level on new series its is almost impossible to beat it without upgrading it to it's maximum. I even noticed that the thrill of getting every corner and every track trajetory has lost it's challenge, seems like even if you are the most accurate driver you will be far away from bein able to win many of the races without spending money to quickly upgrade your car. I lost count on houw many times I started an event and nailed it for the first 2 days, and it always got me thinking that I really could earn the car if I could keep up with the good performance and familiarity with the track, but it always get the same frustration when it asks you to upgrade your car at a level that you just can't without paying it, and I never paid to win anything in the game.

    I really don' mind paying to buy good and complete games on app store. Maybe if EA make it a paid game they could focus exclusively on developing fair challenges for players who like to play simulation racing games. I remmember when I was into the Grand Prix 2 and 3 franchise and how it was fun to race many championships getting better results just for the fact that I was getting familiar with the tracks and controls sensibility.

    but maybe It's something that the compaines focus only on real console games. But for people like me that rely on mobile for game entertainment there is always a lack of good titles. I always try new racing titles and the best one for me is Gear.Club, and it's been many years that its on the market. In my opinion it easily leaves Real Racing 3 behing for many characterists as car control, physics and even graphics.

    I can't forget too to mention Real Racing 2, I believe that even today it would be a better choice than RR3.

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