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Firefox download

I saw this as I was downloading Firefox for Windows XP (running in Parallels Workstation on my Intel mini). Needless to say, given the horror stories I'd heard about Windows' security, my first thought was 'my XP box has been hacked!' A bit of research, though, proved that this is a legit Firefox mirror...albeit one that may cause issues for those downloading from, say, government agencies, large companies, or anyone else likely to have an Internet filtering solution in place.

BTW, if you have an Intel-powered Mac, do yourself a favor and check out Parallels--it's really pretty amazing being able to run any number of guest operating systems at near-native speeds, all within the friendly confines of OS X. I wrote about my experiences with it for a recent Macworld piece, and included a video that shows XP's speed on the Core Duo mini. Today's release of Parallels beta5 included basic USB device support (flash drives only for now), as well as the beginnings of a nice shared folder solution for sharing data with the host OS X machine.


  1. Weird. Pretty soon will we be able to get nude pictures from ;-)

  2. Actually, the playboy mirror holds quite a lot of stuff - it's a mirror for Apache too. The domain is for the corporation I believe, not for the magazine so it's all business and safe for work (I wouldn't trust my memory to go there while at work though). There was some contention at Apache when they were added as a mirror but it was eventually decided that any bandwidth is good bandwidth.

    I don't think anyone's had problems accessing the playboy mirror at Apache, at least not that have complained anyway.

    Adrian Sutton.

  3. 2.39KB/s ? who cares about the soft pr0n.... get a service with better bandwidth!

  4. Actually playboy mirrors a lot of open source and useful software. I acutally got my Linux distro from thier mirror. You should navigate their server sometimes. It's a great way to get good software and they have huge bandwith! (From the other side of thier business no doubt)

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