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Easily convert (some?) AVIs to QuickTime-compatible files

Here's another entry in my "remind myself without searching the entire internet" series of posts. I often want to convert a non-native video into a QuickTime-compatible format. In one oft-repeated use, I have a time lapse camera that outputs AVI files that QuickTime cannot read. Using Don Melton's Other Video Transcoding tools, converting between the two forms is pretty easy:

other-transcode --hevc --mp4 input_file.m4v

The output file will reside in the same directory, with the same name, but with the mp4 extension. I know there are tons of ways to do this, and many offer much more control over the final quality. For my time lapse camera videos, though, the quality is fine and this is really easy to use.

3 thoughts on “Easily convert (some?) AVIs to QuickTime-compatible files”

  1. Hey Rob. Do you have any advice for someone who needs to do quick, easy edits of mp4s? I have an old iMac that I used *just* for quick edits of audio/video in the old version of QT….Sadly, the latest version of QT doesn't allow for *any* kind of edits. When I say quick edits, I mean literally just chopping the beginning and endings of mp4s. I know I can use iMovie and the like but even that is "too much" for the quickies I want/need to do.

  2. QuickTime Player can do some basic editing, it's just very well hidden. Open a video, then select View > Show Clips. You can trim and more in that view.


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