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Quick poll: How many iDevices do you own?

From fiscal 2002 (the iPod's launch year) through fiscal 2014, Apple sold 1,224,700,000 iPods, iPhones, and iPads. That's a lot of iDevices! In looking around our (four person) home, I count more than I would have expected. So that got me thinking, how many of these things do other people own?

Hence this simple poll. It doesn't matter if the device is in use or not in use, working or not working…I just think it might be interesting to see how many of these things each of us owns.

Voting is 100% anonymous; I'm not collecting or tracking IP addresses or any other identifiable information. So take a second and tell the world how many iDevices you own.

1 thought on “Quick poll: How many iDevices do you own?”

  1. I voted '1 to 5' but just realised I still own a 1st gen iPhone.

    iPod Classic (2007 120 gb) (Silver)
    iPod Classic (201? 160 gb) (Silver)
    iPod Touch (5th gen. 32 gb) (Black 'n' slate)
    iPad Mini (1st gen. 16 gb) (Black 'n' slate)
    iPhone 5s (32 gb) (Space grey)


    iPhone (2007 8gb)

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