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Fujitsu ScanSnap software and the 64-bit-only future

A fair number of my apps are still 32-bit—see how many you still have—though many I don't really care about all that much. But there's one suite of apps that I use every day, usually multiple times a day: Fujitsu's ScanSnap apps. This is the software bundled with the ScanSnap ix500 scanner.

While Fujitsu has been good about updating their software in the past, I was a bit concerned about the upcoming 64-bit transition. So I both tweeted at them and sent them an email. I haven't seen a reply on Twitter, but a (clearly form letter) reply to my email is at least somewhat encouraging:

There is no problem in the behavior of the application or the OS concerned. The message is only inform that the application needs to be modified for compatibility with next-generation macOS (which should be available near the end of the year). PFU is going to resolve this, but the resolution date is not set yet. In the meantime, please continue using the latest version of the software available.

This blurb was obviously prepared as a response to those complaining about the new 32-bit warning dialog in macOS 10.13.4, but it does seem to address the longer-term question: Fujitsu is planning to "resolve this," which hopefully implies 64-bit versions are in our future, though at some not-yet-disclosed date.

There are very few things in my workflow that I couldn't replace…but replacing my ScanSnap and everything it does for me would be quite difficult. Hopefully we'll see a 64-bit ScanSnap suite before this fall's deadline.

39 thoughts on “Fujitsu ScanSnap software and the 64-bit-only future”

    1. I've never used ScanDrop, and had to search to see what it did: It appears to send scans directly to various cloud services? If so, you could easily replicate this, I think, using Hazel and a watched folder—just have Hazel copy new files to your cloud service when they appear. Or maybe even a Keyboard Maestro macro than runs each time you scan? (That's how I handle naming my scanned files.)

      Then again, I don't know anything about DropScan, so maybe I'm missing some key element of its functionality.


  1. Ah, that’s a good heads up for me. I use an ageing m300 scansnap and I’m almost certain they won’t bother supporting that any more.

  2. After many recommendations on podcasts (MPU!) and blogs I bought an IS1300 some years ago. A nice scanner that served me well. Until I upgraded Mac OS and it turned out the IS1300 was not supported anymore by Fujitsu. For a moment I thought about buying a new Scansnap. But after all I decided to start using my Canon multifunctional for scanning. It's slightly less convenient than using the Scansnap, but I refuse to replace otherwise perfectly functioning (and rather new) hardware just because the manufacturer is not updating their software for a particular model. I'm quite disappointed in Fujitsu's lack of support.

    1. The S1300 was discontinued and not supported in newer ScanSnap software, but it does still work perfectly fine for me in macOS 10.13 using ScanSnap software version 3.2 L91. The download link on their site is for 3.2 L80 but then in the tool pick Help > Online Update and it will get L91, the last version available for that scanner.

      I guess if 10.14 requires 64-bit then we are out of luck. Until then the S1300 is perfectly fine.

    1. I haven't heard anything, and I haven't seen any updates in the app. The good news is that we now know 32-bit apps will continue to run once 10.14 is out—albeit with the warning. This gives at least an extra year's worth of usage.


      1. Glad to hear 10.14 can run 32-bit apps. But my ScanSnap software is the last 32-bit app I have and I think it may be slowing down my entire 10.13 machine. I'm very keen to get some 64-bit goodness.

  3. I've heard from others that it has very slow performance in Mojave. Anyone here experience that?

    1. I haven't yet updated my main machine—and may not do so ever unless they fix the automated app permissions snafu—so I can't say. Hopefully someone else can chime in.


    2. I ran ScanSnap under Mojave and at first thought it was just slow..but it turns out the OCR was not working at all. The Recognizing Text dialog box comes up, stays on screen for a long time and when it's finished, the scanned doc is NOT searchable. This is a definite show stopper for me when planning to upgrade to Mojave.

  4. After installing Mojave, couldn't I partition the hard drive and install High Sierra on that to run any 32-bits that I may have need of?

    1. You could, though rebooting is a pain. It might be easier to buy VMware or Parallels and install a virtual macOS—this should work unless your 32-bit apps are graphically intense and really demanding of the CPU.


  5. I just upgraded to Mojave, and my Scansnap Manager stopped working. It will load, but crashes as soon as you hit the scan button. I called Fujitsu and spoke to a very friendly and sympathetic guy who told me the Scansnap Home program is all they have that will work with Mojave. It does not have a preview window, and some other small functions I could live without, but the inability to rename the file I just scanned is a show stopper for me. In order to use it, you have to pick a destination file and give it a name before you scan it. He offered to pass my thoughts on the matter up stream, but there is no replacement for this in the future. I will experiment with it for a while, but I'm afraid this is the end of a long and beautiful relationship with this scanner.


    1. I've been running Mojave since the GM, and it works fine for me. Maybe you need to reinstall the software; or maybe there are some system permissions that aren't set right.

    2. Jim:

      I installed Home in a virtual machine so I could test it. You do not have to name a file first, though it will require some customization to get what you want: Set up a new "Verify and Save" profile, and it works much like it did before, popping up the same post-scan dialog box.

      My issue with it right now is that if you scan something as a receipt, you can't OCR it, but if you scan it as a document, you can't extract the date from the receipt, which is a cool new feature.


  6. PS Mojave 10.14 , iMac retina 2015 version, scansnap s1300 and scansnap manager
    Just quit and restarted - it takes longer to launch - leave it bouncing in the dock for a minute...

  7. ScanSnap will no longer scan to Evernote since the upgrade to Mojave. Very disappointing. Now I need to find a new scanner compatible with Evernote it seems ... ?

  8. I have a Scansnap S1500 and after upgrading to Mojave, ScanSnap Manager stopped working. If I clicked on the Scansnap icon it told me "The profile menu is disabled while the quick menu is in use" and then wouldn't go any further. On checking with Fujitsu, they effectively inform me that the S1500 end of life and no longer supported and they are not updating the software.
    However, I tried clicking on the Scansnap Manager icon whilst holding down the control key and it works for me at least. Hope this might help.

  9. Dang it - I found this site while trying to figure out why I couldn't get my ScanSnap S1300 working with Scan Snap Home suite. Guess I know now. I guess maybe we can hope they open-source the S1300 drivers, but that's likely a very long shot...

  10. I'm currently using a SnapScan S1300 with Mac 10.14.2. It works fine with SnapScan Manager version 6.3 L70. I think I'll wait until the last moment before updating to SnapScan Home. I don't want to break anything that is working fine.

    1. According to Fujitsu, the S1300 is obsolete and won't work with the S1300 (only the i version). I've yet to see if that's true, or just if the S1300 is "unsupported".

  11. Stumbled here while trying to figure out a local (non cloud) receipt scanning solution and what is going on with ScanSnap on the mac side. Fujitsu is not giving me access to the receipts app or more recent versions of the software in win nor osx because my 100% fully functional S1500 is no longer supported. My system says no new updates. Online there are newer versions indicated.
    I paid very good money for this unit, used at home with not too many pages on the counter.
    Contacted support but that was futile.
    Apparently I need to spend another $500-$1000 or more to get a new identical spec unit or a fancier whole book one to unlock simple software updates and apps that are otherwise included with purchase?
    I know there's a limit to firmware & driver updates, software updates, etc but this is such an artificial construct because the scanner is fully operational ... this is not an original iPod or iPhone ... it puts the PDF into the software. We supported the company with our purchase, yet get locked out of updates?
    Despite us promoting the product to friends & family.
    This is not how one builds customer loyalty and goodwill.

    1. You need to look at exactscan software, although it doesn't list specifically a s1500m scanner as supported, when I connected it works fine. 14 day free trial, what have you got to lose.

  12. juan jose gabaldon

    Please, my ix 500 scan snap is scaning only the front page of my 2 sides documents .
    How do I change to scan both sides of my pages.
    I undesrtand is automatic, but it used to work and it stopped doing so.

  13. Michael Frölich

    I have an S1500M scanner. I bought several of these types of Fujitsu scanners. One of the Fujitsu webpages states that this scanner will not be supported for a 64-bit application and refers me to buying a newer model scanner. Like several other persons indicated, I will not buy another scanner as long as mine works well. It is not environmentally friendly and forces me to make an unnecessary purchase. If I am forced to purchase other equipment, I will break my ties with Fujitsu and newer buy or support their company at home or work. That's the only recourse consumers have, and I have done this several times. It may not matter to the company, but it makes me feel better.

  14. I have an ix500 in my office and an s500 at home. Currently both work seamlessly when I plug in my macbook air at either location. I am running 10.12.6. Tried Home, and while it worked OK for my ix500 it broke with the older scanner (as expected). Fortunately I was able to revert back to the older ScanSnap software which works faster and better for both scanners. I do not plan to upgrade this mac to Catalina so it should be OK in the near term, but if I replace the macbook next year then it is going to be a big problem for me.

    The s500 has been much more reliable and trouble-free than the ix500, which I just got back from sending in to Fujitsu to have a broken internal feed gear replaced using their flat-fee $149.00 repair program. Neither scanner has more than 2000 pages. I am very annoyed with Fujitsu re the lack of 64-bit support for the perfectly good S-series scanners. If it isn't physically possible to do so that is one thing, but this is PURELY planned obsolescence and a predatory bid to get users to replace a $500+ piece of equipment. No one is holding a gun to Fujitsu to stop support, it is simply their business decision. Perhaps a petition is in order? I am sure there are MANY users who feel the same way.

  15. Just found this blog, having the same problem with the s1300 and Mac ver 14. Have looked at using the new Home software from Fujitsu. Does anyone know how to import all prior scanned files into the Home software?

  16. I’ve been having an issue with my ix500 scanner and scanning to Evernote using the “Scan to Evernote (document) searchable PDF” feature of SnapScan Manager. My Mac is running the most recent Mojave. Not sure of my SnapScan Manager software. It used to work flawlessly. Now, starting in late 2018 / early 2019, about 25-35% of the time when the scanner completes a scan of the document and I click on “Scan to Evernote...” it quickly errors out and I have to re-scan the document. It eventually works, but I have to do a lot of re-scanning, which is especially annoying if it’s a long document. Is anyone else having this problem, or know how to fix it? Thanks!

  17. I found a recommendation for VueScan software. It's $100, but that includes unlimited free updates. It will prevent my perfectly functional ScanSnap S1300 from being bricked with the Catalina update. And it will also help me raise an old fancy flatbed photo scanner from the dead, so I think it will be worth it.

  18. Is there any other options to save the ScanSnap S1300 on MacOS Catalina? I know VueScan and ExactScan work, but the software is expensive (and the scanning is significantly slower than the ScanSnap Manager software). At $150AUD for the software, its already half the price of just purchasing a new ScanSnap S1300i.

    1. One route may be to use CrossOver Mac. They are working on a Catalina-compatible version that will allow 32-bit Windows programs to run on the fly. It will require installing within CrossOver a Windows version of the ScanSnap software that can run the older scanners. So far this is the only thing I have seen that would preserve a 32 bit environment. We would also need to request that the developers of CrossOver include driver support. However they are pretty responsive to things like that so it is worth a shot.

      1. I'm wondering if we could create a Docker-container version of the app, or run a virtual machine using Mojave to keep that 32-bit support around longer...maybe a weekend project?

  19. I completely understand. After downloading Catalina my S1500M stopped working. I called the company and they told me to get a new one. Mine is working perfectly well and I paid over $400 when I originally purchased it. Its very annoying that they are forcing me to buy more just because they dont' want to update a software. After twisting the representative's arm, he said ok there is a company that you can buy their software and still use your 1500M! It took me 30 min to get that out of him. Fujitsu also offers a $200 courtesy credit for a new one. I clicked on the model that they give credit for and it is $600. So after the credit it will be $400. Then I found the same EXACT on Amazon and it actually is $400. So they jacked up the actual $400 price and give people a fake $200 credit. So dishonest of them and they definitely think their customers are stupid. I will never buy Fujitsu ever again. I hate dishonesty. check this site. They have a 14 day free trial for a software that you can still use your S1500M. I used it and it worked fine. I hope it works for you

    1. I was looking at VueScan ( which is also supposed to work with old Scansnaps. Anyone know which is better: VueScan or ExactScan? Or is it six of one, half a dozen of the other?

  20. Hello... I tried the VueScan on a trial basis. The Regular ($40) program just does Flat Scanners. Worked well. If you need your Document Scanner, Like my 32bit Fujitsu 500, you have to buy the Pro $90. You will receive free updates for the Pro for years to come. Unless you have a new machine ( my 500 was bought in 2008) it might be worth looking into a newer, upgraded device. I decided on the Raven Regular Desktop Scanner to replace my Fujitsu.

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