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Now speaking WordPress 2.5

After a mostly-painless upgrade, we're now running WordPress 2.5. About the only hiccup is that the Addicted to Live Search plug-in (which I am addicted to) doesn't seem to work right with anything other than the default permalink style. (Permalinks are the URLs for individual stories.)

The default permalink style is ugly and doesn't necessarily work well with search engines, but I love the search feature so much I'm using them for now...hopefully the plug-in will be patched in the near future.

2 thoughts on “Now speaking WordPress 2.5”

  1. That should repair itself the next time the feed updates -- the permalinks in the existing RSS feed use the "nicer" format. But if you click the RSS entries in the sidebar, you should see the new "uglier" permalink style, which should work fine.

    I'll check into this a bit more later, though.


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