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New technology at the auto service center

I took our truck in for service at the local Toyota dealer yesterday. When I drove in, I had to drive over one of these big black things:

I figured it was just a speed bump to get drivers to slow down as they entered the service bays. But when I inquired as to their purpose, the answer was more technologically interesting: It's a tire tread depth scanner. As you drive over, lasers shine on each tire, measuring the remaining depth in each tire's tread. Quoting the immortal Dr. Evil … "lasers!"

Of course, when I parked, the technician went around to each tire, sticking his finger in the tread to check the depth. I said, "What about the fancy machines?" 'Oh, they're not quite ready yet; still have to do it the old fashioned way for another few days.' Oh well. Next time.

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  1. I expected you to explain that the black things were some sort of antenna that picked up all your OBDII engine management data logs wirelessly without having to plug into the connector under the dashboard…I guess we’re not at that level of wireless interconnectivity yet (fortunately? or unfortunately?) - unless you own a Tesla ;)

    Would be kind of cool to think they could do a diagnostic evaluation before you’d even walked up to the service desk!

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