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Construction of the Millau Viaduct

I've long been fascinated by massive engineering projects, whether they be for ships or tunnels or skyscrapers…or in this case, a bridge.

The Millau Viaduct is an amazing structure in the south of France; it spans a deep and wide valley with incredibly tall pylons and an elegant design.

Photo by logopop. [original photo]

While browsing YouTube the other day, for something completely unrelated (isn't it always like that?), I stumbled on this excellent show about the construction of the bridge:

Just amazing what they did to get that bridge built—and without a single worker injury of any note, despite working hundreds of feet above the ground for four years.

3 thoughts on “Construction of the Millau Viaduct”

  1. Hey Rob - YouTube says "This video is private." - know of a different version somewhere?

  2. Strange; it was fine when I posted it. Anyway, I found what's probably the original, so that's better anyway. Thanks for the heads-up.


  3. Thanks for this! Good show.
    Just one very irritating detail… "Millau" is pronounced "Meeyo" (the double L becomes a "y" sound), not at all "Milow" (I should know, I'm French).

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