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A quick iPhone 13 Pro vs iPhone 15 Pro photo comparison

I upgrade my phone every two or three years; I just moved from the 13 Pro to the 15 Pro, primarily for the new camera features. I'm not a pro photographer, nor even a prosumer photographer. I do like seeing how things have progressed, however.

So here are three photos shot with each phone, taken seconds apart, with each camera set to its highest resolution and HEIC-formatted photos. I then edited the photos only to improve their alignment, and reduce the sizes. See if you can guess which photo of each set was taken with which phone.



Spoiler - See which phone took which photo
Click the ⊞ icon below to reveal the answers…

The smaller versions of the images I've posted here don't really show much in the way of fine details. If you'd like to compare the original HEIC images, just download this archive (15MB) of all six photos.

Though I've barely had time to use the new camera, I'm enjoying the higher resolution, and I find the photos to be just a bit nicer than those from my 13 Pro, though I'd have trouble explaining exactly why I feel that way.

5 thoughts on “A quick iPhone 13 Pro vs iPhone 15 Pro photo comparison”

  1. I have guessed all of them correctly. For me the giveaway (for the most part) was the sharpness. Perhaps it is most visible with the text that's visible on the bike picture. The flamingo photo has more pronounced bokeh effect.

    1. For the first photo, I was sure that the iPhone 15 photo was on the right…the darker one. That phone known for producing darker, shadowy images. (But the other two I guessed correctly.)

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