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Welcome to The Robservatory

Welcome to day one of The Robservatory, my first attempt at a "real" blog (I run a private WordPress powered site for family-type updates). In the years that I've been running macosxhints, I've done my best to keep it relatively opinion-free, and just focused on the hints. After all, that's what the site is for -- it's about the hints, not about what I personally think about the hints. So while I might make an occasional comment on some feature, technology, or program as an aside, I never go into any real depth on the subject, as I want to keep the focus on the hints themselves.

Enter The Robservatory, the new outlet for my opinions. As it reads in the sidebar, if it doesn't really fit on, you'll probably find it here. Generally speaking, what I write about will tend to be related to Macs, OS X, computers, hardware and software that I find interesting, fun and/or interesting web sites, and my work in the technology business. There may be other random topics, though, as things come up, so don't be surprised by anything you may find here.

To get things started, there are three stories here now, as you can see. Early next week, there will be two new articles, one covering things I do not like about OS X, and the other taking a look at, well, the many looks of OS X.

I'm not launching this site as a revenue source (there are no ads here), nor as something to take my focus away from I just wanted a place where I could voice my opinions on various topics without feeling like I was dragging the macosxhints' readership along with me on my tangent.

The hints site will continue to get the lion's share of my attention, day in and day out. Updates here will not be as frequent nor as numerous as there (though you're more likely to find a weekend update here, as opposed to on hints). OS X hints and tips will always appear on the main site, though I may take a hint from the main site and discuss some aspect of it in detail here. There may also be times where a hint comes from this site -- in that case, those hints will also migrate back to the main site. So if all you want to do is keep up with the hints, there's no need to read here.

If, on the other hand, you'd like to know my thoughts on a given subject, this is the place to come looking for it. If there's a topic of interest, please feel free to drop me a line using the above email link, and I'll do my best to include the subject on the site at some point.

Oh yea, one other difference here is that anonymous comments are enabled -- no need to register to reply to an article.


13 thoughts on “Welcome to The Robservatory”

  1. I like this idea, i think it's a healthy way to have an open discussion about anything mac. Sometimes its just good to hear what others have to say. A great way to learn and improve your knowlege.

    Good on you Rob, great work with macosxhints and here's hoping that this robservatory will provide a platform for interesting and intelligent interaction between fellow macers.



  2. I love macosxhints, it is one of the most useful sites I've ever seen. I'm happy to see this blog too, I agree with Kyle that it's a good idea. I plan on checking in here frequently to read what you have to say. Thanks for the great sites!

  3. What the others said. Your macosxhints site is invaluable, and I'll appreciate reading your expert opinions. Good move, Rob; thanks!

  4. You are just 1 step away from a podcast now Rob!!! :-D

    Since switching to os x over two years ago, i've never looked back...
    I read your site everyday, subscribe to the forums and often find myself searching through the site for some quick fix.



  5. Looks good. Unfortunately, the "New Posts" RSS feed doesn't work for me - I only get a blank page and RSS readers complain about it, too. Would be nice if you looked into that.


  6. Ditto for RSS issue, but I guess it will show soon.
    (Why is RSS important? Because we WANT to read what you have to say!)
    I appreciate the approach of trying to separate opinions and hints, it is healthy (we at seem to have a harder time doing so). But I also am quite keen on your opinions, with your position as a pivotal person in the building of this huge library of knowledge on Mac OS X. So this is good news!
    And thanks for finding the time to admin MOSXH AND writing columns.

  7. Rob -

    I agree, you run a fantastic site. One thing tho - I am writing this from an iBook while outside by the pool and of course it is a little hard to see the screen - your blog front page seems to be black on gray, and the contrast is very low, making it almost impossible to see on this screen. With my ageing eyesight, it will probably be hard to read on any machine. How about fixing up the colors to make it easier for us? I am looking forward to this blog - keep up the great work!

  8. Your site is a must read. Glad to see you are blogging as well. I'll be reading you regularly and keep up the good work!

  9. Rob, I think it's great you've got a venue for your thoughts. I've always liked your [robg comments] in the Mac OS X Hints entries, but it'll be good to get some in-depth opinions from you.

  10. Thanks rob you are here , iam new to this field of os blog , computer ,and all hope iam going to learn a lots from you
    Do you have any other blogs that you write for?
    Also are you available for ghost writing or some type of JV?

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