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And Macworld (the printed version) had one in its June issue. For a challenge, see if you can find it–hint, it’s somewhere between pages 50 and 60, but if you find it on your own, I’d be quite impressed. I didn’t spot it myself; it was noted in a thread on a forum site.

If you don’t have the magazine, or you can’t find it, or you just want to see exactly what it was we did wrong, I wrote about the mistake on Macworld’s new MacUser site. Suffice it to say we’ll probably never see another product with a similar result!

The MacUser site is long gone, of course…but captured the writeup. Basically, a Canon camera was rated 5.5 out of 5 mice.

In the above article, I also cover what I consider to be the most amazing typo I ever saw–right on the cover of PC Magazine. To save you the read, this was it…one year, the cover of PC Magazine’s annual Technical Excellence awards issue consisted of an image of a large gold medallion. On that medallion, in large print, were the words “Tehcnical Excellence.” Whoops!

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  1. Thanks for joining us over on MacUser, Rob. :) I actually did notice the typo on my own, whlie perusing my copy of Macworld. Maybe the editorial staff should put typos in every issue; it could be a fun game for readers to track them down, like a treasure hunt. :)

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