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Ultra secret privacy policy

I've been spending a lot of time using Firefox 3.0b5, and I'm generally thrilled with the browser (think Camino's look and feel (mostly), plus full support for Firefox extensions and Safari's speed). It works so well most of the time that I forget it's a beta.

Then there are times like this morning, when I saw this screen:

Privacy dialog

That came up when I tried to report a non-functional site--one that loaded fine in Safari, but wouldn't load at all in Firefox. It's things like this that make me remember I'm using beta software :). (Even worse than the blank privacy policy, though, was the fact that checking the box and clicking the "Done" button didn't then let me report the site.)

2 thoughts on “Ultra secret privacy policy”

  1. Thanks for the tip Asa; I disabled my add-ons and was able to send in the 'this page broken' report. And 100 lashes to myself for not thinking about the add-ons as a possible cause of the problem.


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