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Total PDF pages in subfolders across folder structure

Last week, I wrote a script that ran through a folder structure and output the page count of every PDF in all folders and sub-folders, and also spit out a grand total.

While this worked well, what I really wanted was a script that just totaled PDF pages by sub-folder, without seeing all the file-by-file detail. After trying to retrofit the first script, I realized that was a waste of time, and started over from scratch.

The resulting script works just as I’d like it to, traversing a folder structure and showing PDF page counts by folder:

$ countpdfbydir
    47: ./_Legal
     2: ./_Medical-Dental
    15: ./_Medical-Dental/Kids
    11: ./_Medical-Dental/Marian
     2: ./_Medical-Dental/Rob
    35: ./_Personal Documents/Kids
    87: ./_Personal Documents/Marian
    28: ./_Personal Documents/Rob
    10: ./_Personal Documents/Rob/Golf
    12: ./_Personal Documents/Rob/Travel
   249: Total PDF Pages

It took a few revisions, but I like this version; it even does some simplistic padding to keep the figures lined up in the output.

Here’s what I came up with:

I feared this would be incredibly slow, but it only took about 40 seconds to traverse a folder structure with about a gigabyte of PDFs in about 1,500 files spread across 160 subfolders, and totalling 5,306 PDF pages.

Once I had this version working, I repurposed the original script to output file-level PDF page counts only for the current directory, so I can use that one when I want the details:

$ cd Home\ Stuff
$ pdfcountbyfile
     2: 2015-03-27 - Lowes.pdf
     4: 2015-07-14 - Home Depot.pdf
     1: 2015-09-03 - Home Depot.pdf
     7: Total PDF pages in this folder

In case you want it, here’s the modified script that generates the file-level PDF page counts:

These are clearly not need-every-day scripts, but I like the information they provide (because I’m a data geek), and they were fun for my shell-scripting-challenged brain to figure out. I’m 99.9% positive the efficiency could be improved by a factor of 100, but this works well enough for my needs.

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