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The magic corner cabinet

As yesterday was a cabinet-related post, I thought I'd stick with a theme and share this one I saw in a friend's home a while back. It's the perfect solution for those useless corner cabinets where most people stick a lazy susan, thus giving up on a bunch of storage space.

If we ever move and I have a chance to specify the cabinet hardware, I'm making sure one of these things goes into the corner cabinet!

(Don't worry, this isn't turning into a home remodeling blog; tech tips and stories return tomorrow.)


  1. That is pretty cool! Way more trick than the standard-issue Lazy Susan. But Rob, you gotta give us a name or a brand to Google to find out how to get one!

    1. I honestly don't know—I didn't ask who made it. However, a bit of web searching reveals that these things are called "blind corner cabinet pull-outs," and Amazon sells quite a few.

      Hope that helps!


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