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The iPhone 8 Plus’ glass is not all it’s cracked up to be

This morning, I was thinking about putting a clear screen protector on the iPhone 8 Plus, just because I had one that came with one of the cases I purchased. While cleaning the glass, though, I noticed something disconcerting: My iPhone 8 Plus is already showing fine scratches on the glass.

Compare my year-old iPhone 7 (top) with the weeks-old iPhone 8 Plus (bottom)…

Both phones are in similar cases that extend above the edge of the glass—I tried two minimal cases on the iPhone 8 Plus, but have only used the full-sized cases out in the "real world." Both phones have been used in similar ways, sitting in my pants pocket or in a tray in my car. After a year of such treatment, the iPhone 7 glass looks practically brand new. The iPhone 8 Plus glass, however, is already showing fine scratches. (There are similar scratches near the bottom of the phone, too.)

These scratches aren't—yet?—visible in day-to-day use, but it concerns me that they've developed to this degree after only a couple weeks' use. How bad will things get after a few months?

Are any other iPhone 8 (Plus or non-plus) users seeing such scratches on their displays? I'm tempted to go visit the Apple Store with my phone, because I can't believe this is normal, especially given how well the iPhone 7 (and all my prior phones) have resisted scratching.

3 thoughts on “The iPhone 8 Plus’ glass is not all it’s cracked up to be”

  1. Thomas Ferraro

    My wife's 8 Plus already has more/deeper scratches than her 3-year-old 6 or my 4-year-old 5s, neither of which were ever kept in case or had protective sheet. Very disappointing and difficult to believe this is the “strongest glass ever in an iPhone”.

    1. That is disappointing. I'm tempted to return the phone, but then I'd have to buy something else…and if the non-plus 8 has the same issues, that's no help.


  2. Return it for a replacement and put a clear screen protector on immediately would be one plan

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