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Ten seconds with the Google Phone’s chat app

In case you missed it, Google recently detailed its mobile platform. One of the focus areas is an emphasis on driving context-sensitive ads to the mobile devices. I can just imagine how this will play out…text chats, for instance…

Rick: So Ted … first, that new car stereo [KMart: All the best brands for less] you bought is awesome! So what should we do tonight [NBC Presents Jay Leno’s tonight show] for fun? Want to catch [BassMasters fly rods are the best!] a movie? [Regal: Your best value in entertainment today!]

Perhaps it’s just me, but I’ll take my mobile platform ad-free, thank you very much–even if it means paying more each month.


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  1. Do you (both) guys remember all the iPhone bashers, who ridiculed you and iPhone for all it’s real and imaginary flaws?
    And some of them still do it.
    How do YOU call them?

    Now do you find any similarities? Between them and YOU?

    btw: HAPPY triple-boot MBP user here, with iPhone with you know what on it.
    Yet I’m so sorry and disgusted to find myself “belonging” to so ignorant, stupid & yet so arrogant community.

    Honestly Rob, I do find your articles at MW quite relevant, even great & indispensable, in my windows days, with no access to Macs at all (developing country), for years I was reading them, dreaming that I would have a Mac one day, and them helped me to understand OSX and get ready for it’s quirks, which eventually helped a lot.

    But what I can not swallow with no amount of butter, is Mac user’s attitude.

    And it just became clear for me moments ago, that it’s not Windows (or any other platform but Apple) users ridicule Mac users, but the other way around. And then you get angry and revengeful when you get a heftily kicked back, with a mighty majority.

    I believe it’s a psychology thing, that some peeps want to feel special in some particular ways, that might be gained at the expense/ridiculing of others.

    In fact, if you HONEST to yourself, you MIGHT see it’s not that different from racism and fascism, down in the motivational core of such attitude/behavior.

    P.S. My comment is completely useless(pun with your next post), even if you find me having a point, I’m not aiming to change things.
    It’s not a good idea to waste MY time for hopeless things.
    Although that doesn’t help my disgust …. and pity. That’s the only point here.

    (Yet I do evangelize Macs, and I switched my friend to iPhone, two of them are about to go Macbooks …. all of this in Russia, with no Apple presence, and me in Silicon Valley. But you can imagine how I do despise SJ, for that he did instill millions with his drudge with the whole world. Yet I admire and loud him, and I grieve for him, because his heir would be even more furious, yet without the cause altogether)

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