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Review: Numbers

Macworld logoSlowly, but surely, Apple's iWork is turning into a full-fledged office suite, as iWork '08 gains Numbers, Apple's latest foray into the world of spreadsheet programs. So what is Numbers? Is it at long last a replacement for the spreadsheet component of AppleWorks? Is it a direct competitor to Excel? Will it enable users looking for alternatives to finally move from either AppleWorks or Microsoft Office to iWork?

The answer to these questions is any of yes, no, and maybe, depending on your specific spreadsheet needs. Those with basic needs will be impressed with Numbers' ability to make short work of their projects. People with more complex requirements, and those hoping to migrate from Excel or AppleWorks, will find the transition more difficult. And some people—scientific users, students, and advanced Excel users in particular—may find that certain details in Numbers make it impossible to use the product in its current form.

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  1. Blanch Halburnt

    I was talking a look at the ipad on Amazon and I read that the Applecare section for the ipad only said it is only 2 years. Does anyone know why is not lasting 3 years like every other Apple product? Ok, well the iphone/ipods now says it is 2 years too on the Applecare. When did they all change to 2 years and not 3?

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