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Recipe: Dream Kisses

These cookies are nut-laden and hard to describe—they're like a small ball of sugar and nuts that sort of crumbles in your mouth. Make sure you get crushed pecans, not chopped pecans—you want them in very small pieces.

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The Recipe
Butter2 cups454 grams
Powdered Sugar½ cup60 grams
Vanilla2 teaspoons8.7 grams
All-purpose Flour4 cups500 grams
Crushed Pecans2 cups226 grams
Preparation and Notes

Preheat oven to 225F (107C).

Mix all the ingredients together and chill. Roll into 10 to 15 gram weight balls. Place on an unlined light-colored baking sheet; dough can be spaced closely, as these cookies don't expand when baked. Cook for about 45 minutes. It can be tough to tell when they're done, as they don't brown. Place on cooling racks to cool.

When cooled, roll cookies in powdered sugar. When serving, cookies can be rolled in additional powdered sugar.