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Back in January, I spent a morning at the Portland International Auto Show, walking around looking at a huge assortment of new cars and trucks, and even a couple of campers.

As the title says, for me, short of actually buying a new car, that was peak fun. I love everything about cars, and walking around a car show is about as good as it gets: All the new cars, none of the sales pressure of a dealer visit! Here are some of the better shots from the morning's virtual shopping trip. [View on Flickr]

Of the vehicles we saw, the Acura NSX and the BMW i8 were both very striking looking—much more so in person than in photographs. And I think the Audi RS7, especially in all-black, is one of the meanest-looking cars to come along in a long time. Now I just need to come up with the $7.5 million or so it'd take to buy all the cars on my wish list!

The above album is hosted on Flickr and displayed here via a plug-in; read on if you're interested in how I did that…

I've been wanting to post those photos for quite a while, but I didn't want to hassle with setting up a WordPress slideshow (i.e. I was lazy). Then I remembered that I have a Flickr account that I really only use as an online emergency backup for my photos (which are otherwise thrice backed up). I built an album there, then went looking for a WordPress plug-in to connect the Flickr album to my blog.

After a couple of test installs, I chose to use Flickr Justified Gallery—it's easy to use and creates nice looking albums with very little work. Most importantly to me, when you click into an image, you're not redirected to Flickr's site, so it's not confusing for visitors.

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