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Blogging via the iPhone

photoToday, WordPress released WordPress for iPhone. So I thought I'd try it out--given how little I post here, any excuse to write something is worth a shot!

Anyway, we bought this electric pump to inflate our kids' pool. I found the combination of the warning and the left-hand image somewhat at odds with each other! (In case the image isn't clear, that's the pump being used to inflate a child's swimming pool, which is not generally considered an "indoor household" item.)

3 thoughts on “Blogging via the iPhone”

  1. Silly Rob. They want you to take the pool inside. Maybe you could compromise and fill your child's pool under the covered patio.

    Looks like the lawyers interfering with the marketers.

  2. Rob;

    Rob, come on, didn't if ever occur to you that you are supposed to use the pool in your family room.

  3. I think you only have to fill the pool up indoors, then you are free to bring it out... I suggest you wait on filling it with water until you are outside ;)

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