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A neat detail in Star Wars: The Last Jedi [Coded Spoiler]

We saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi for a second time a while back, mainly because a large group of friends was going and we had most of the theater to ourselves, so it was sort of like a private screening. During my re-watching, I spotted a number of things that I’d missed the first time, but one in particular stood out…

Note: The remainder of this post is ROT13 encoded, as the subject being discussed is a major—really major—plot spoiler. This should keep it disguised both here on the site, and in the RSS feed. However, commenters may not disguise their comments, which means you may not want to scroll down at all if you haven’t seen the movie yet.

If you don’t want a major plot element revealed, do not single-click on any of the encoded text!

To decode the following text, single-click (or tap on an iOS device) anywhere on each paragraph of colored text. Annoying, I know, but it’s the only way I could get the ROT13 plug-in to respect the line breaks.)

Jura jr svefg fnj FG:GYW, V pbhyqa’g haqrefgnaq gur sbphf ba gur qrfreg fnyg ba Penvg, jurer gur svany onggyr gnxrf cynpr. Jr’er fubja gung gur fnyg gheaf erq haqre cerffher, jurgure sebz sbbgcevagf be fcrrqvat iruvpyrf’ qnttref. Ba svefg ivrjvat, V gubhtu gung guvf jnf vagrerfgvat, ohg jnf cebonoyl qbar whfg gb znxr gur onggyr fubgf zber ivfhnyyl vagrerfgvat, naq gb tvir n “svryq bs oybbq” nccrnenapr gb gur onggyr nern.
Naq juvyr gubfr guvatf qb znggre, V guvax gurl’er frpbaqnel gb gur znva checbfr bs gur “oybbq fnyg:” Gb yrg lbh xabj gung Yhxr vf abg ernyyl gurer sbe uvf onggyr. Jngpu pnershyyl, naq lbh’yy frr gung Yhxr qbrfa’g yrnir sbbgcevagf nf ur jnyxf bhg gb onggyr, abe nf ur svtugf Xlyb Era va gur erdhvfvgr yvtugfnore qhry. Vafgrnq, ur’f cebwrpgvat uvf cerfrapr ivn gur Sbepr.
V’z fher guvf jnf erirnyrq va ahzrebhf fcbgf ba gur vagrearg, ohg V unqa’g ernq nal fcbvyref (rira nsgre frrvat gur zbivr), fb vg jnf n arng fhecevfr ba zl frpbaq ivrjvat.

If you’re going to comment on this entry, please consider enclosing any spoilers with rot13 tags, like this:

[rot13]This text will be ROT13 encoded[/rot13]

This will hide your spoilers from casual readers.


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  1. I did notice that, that is one of those things that show a remarkable attention to detail in the movie. Did you notice the dice were in old (Episode IV) Millennium Falcon cockpit shots all along?

    Also, at first I wondered why jura Xlyb yhatrq ng Yhxr, va gur irel arkg fprar gurl jrer fbzrguvat yvxr 12-15 srrg ncneg. Vg znqr sbe tbbq pvarzn (jvqrfperra) ohg nyfb n pyhr gung gurer jnf fbzrguvat hahfhny tbvat ba..

    1. Hehe, it’d help if I give the proper instructions :). I’ve now updated my post with the proper version (rot13 not ROT13), and edited your comment so it’s encoded.

      Sorry about that!


      1. It didn’t work at first, as I provided incorrect instructions. I edited the comment (and the instructions), so now it works.


    1. Good catch—turns out you can’t “double tap” on an iPhone. I changed the setting to “single click,” and now, in testing on my iPad, it seems to be working. Please let me know if it works for you.


        1. Small aside: kinda weird that emoji get turned into question marks. Ideally they’d come thru OK; if that’s for some reason less than feasible… maybe some other glyph. Question marks can look kinda confusing…

          BTW what a nice little feature, that ebg13 pna or rzorqqrq jvguva n cbfg yvxr guvf va gur zvqqyr bs otherwise normal text :)

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