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Wii add-ons priced like high-end stereo cables

I bought a used Wii tonight, and it came with pretty much everything I needed, but there were some bits I wanted to add/replace:

  • Wii component video cable
  • One remote was missing its wrist strap
  • Two additional motion remotes and nunchucks/straps

So I headed out to Amazon to start pricing this stuff out, and I'll admit, I was shocked by what I found. It's almost like Nintendo's been reading Kirk McElhearn's continuing series on ridiculously expensive cables—and deciding that that's a wonderful business model to follow!

To show you just how ridiculous it is, I put together a pricing comparison for the parts I need…

Each cost entry in the table shows the total cost (qty * unit price) for each part; the links lead to each item on Amazon, so you can compare the customer reviews on the Nintendo and generic parts.

Component cable1$49.95$6.82$46.86
Wrist strap 14$9.16$4.70$6.86
Motionplus Remote2$68.68$39.92$31.30
Nunchuck 22$31.98---$31.98

1 The generic part comes as a four-pack, so I showed four Nintendo straps, too.

2 The generic Motionplus Remote includes a nunchuck, so none need to be ordered.

I picked up the used Wii for all of $100 (with two Motionplus controllers, nunchucks, four games, all the cables, and a few controller accessories). If I were to use Nintendo-branded parts for the stuff I need to buy, I'd spend 150% of what I spent on the system! By comparison, the generics are just more than 50% of the system's cost. Still a bit expensive, but nothing compared to the cost of the Nintendo parts.

Pretty easy to figure out which column of the table I ordered from, right?