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Download and track Amazon purchases over time

Dec 18 2020 update: The Amazon export URL appears to be functional again, which is great news. However, the data is in a completely different format than what's provided by the Chrome extension, so it needs to be massaged to work with my spreadsheet. For now, if you want to use my workbooks, keep using the Chrome extension. I'll see about modifying the spreadsheet to work directly with Amazon's data.

Recently I was trying to enter our Amazon purchase details into Quicken—the transactions download automatically, but they're generically assigned to "Shopping." I was using Amazon's order history page to match transactions and assign categories, but it was slow and painful going given the layout of the orders page.

I thought there must be a simple way to download your Amazon purchase history—once downloaded, I could use a spreadsheet to search my transactions. As it turns out, there is a way, but it's far from simple. Nonetheless, after way too much work, I now have an Excel workbook that makes it very easy to find any of our historical transactions. I enter a year and amount on my Search sheet, and any matches appear immediately:

Getting from "this should be possible" to "it works!" was (as usual) more of a challenge than I anticipated, but it is now working as I wished.

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Wii add-ons priced like high-end stereo cables

I bought a used Wii tonight, and it came with pretty much everything I needed, but there were some bits I wanted to add/replace:

  • Wii component video cable
  • One remote was missing its wrist strap
  • Two additional motion remotes and nunchucks/straps

So I headed out to Amazon to start pricing this stuff out, and I'll admit, I was shocked by what I found. It's almost like Nintendo's been reading Kirk McElhearn's continuing series on ridiculously expensive cables—and deciding that that's a wonderful business model to follow!

To show you just how ridiculous it is, I put together a pricing comparison for the parts I need…

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