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Today's lunch hour project was to enhance the comment engine here on Robservatory just a bit. To that end, there are now two new features active:

  • Instead of a generic Recent Comments tracker in the sidebar, a new Unread Comments tracker (thanks to the Smart Unread Comments plug-in) shows only the comments you haven't personally seen. There's also a link to mark them all as read, in case you'd like to catch up right away. (Since the plug-in uses cookies to track the unread comments, everyone's starting point is the same--they are all unread, since the cookies haven't yet been created on your machine). This should make it somewhat easier to keep up with comments posted here.
  • Posting comments is now easier, thanks to the LivePreview plug-in. As you start typing your comment, you'll see a real-time preview (JavaScript required) below the text area. This is pretty slick, as it will preview HTML on the fly, so you can check bold, italics, and links before you hit the Submit button.

Not earth-shattering changes, but they should make working with comments a bit easier for everyone...


  1. Hey Rob, just happened by here today, this LivePreview thing is pretty neat. Thanks for pointing it out!

    If only it was available for Movable Type...

  2. PS: I stand corrected. The live preview supports CSS, but you seem to strip style information from submitted comments. You're missing a really colorful comment ;-)

  3. I has no trouble keeping up with the comments with the rss feed for them. Could you include a check box to turn the preview off or something. I never use html, and it is just annoying and slows things down when I type.

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