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The 24 Rules of the ’24’ Universe

24 logoAs noted in an earlier post, I’m a late-addict to the 24 phenomenon, as I’m now catching up with prior seasons on DVD. So I thought I’d take a minute or two to note some rules of the ‘24’ universe, at least as I understand them after watching the first three seasons…

Technically, I guess there are some spoilers in here, but they’re generic “minor” spoilers in that they reveal nothing about any particular episode or character. So even if you’re planning on watching, I don’t think my list will be too damaging to your enjoyment of the shows (though it may make you notice some things sooner than if you were left to spot the trends on your own).

Due to the length of the list, I’ve hidden it in part two of the post.

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Taking creative license

Recently, I gave in to the urgings of a friend (and my father, who’s been after me for years) and started watching Season One of the Fox drama 24. I had never seen an episode, but had been using my past experience with Fox television as a reason not to watch—the only thing on the network that I’ve ever liked was their football broadcasts. Nontheless, I gave in and asked for the first season of 24 for Christmas.

After I got home, I fired up the first show, and…was hooked in about 20 minutes. Since then, I’ve been staying up later than usual, and waking up even earlier than usual, and have managed to work my way through the first season and part of the second. But this post isn’t really about 24; it’s about ‘artistic license’ as applied by directors of TV shows and movies. In particular, one of the opening scenes in Season Two really caught my eye (click for larger image):

Shot of Lake O in 24 opening

You see, Lake Oswego, Oregon is about 10 miles from where I live, and I guarantee you, it looks nothing like the above image.

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