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Ten of my favorite iPhone things

Macworld logoEver since the first time I saw (but couldn't touch) the iPhone, I've sort of become Macworld's resident iPhone curmudgeon. Long before it was ever released, I came up with a list of shortcomings. Then, at the Worldwide Developers Conference last month, I was unhappy with the announced support for third-party web pages, er, apps. And finally, once the iPhone was out and I'd had the chance to use it, I put together a list of 10 iPhone apps—real apps—that I would find most useful on my iPhone.

If you were to simply look at my body of iPhone work, you might conclude I hate the iPhone, and would rather be dropped in the midst of a swarm of Africanized honey bees than be forced to use the thing. Surprisingly, perhaps as much to me as to you, that's not the case. For all the things it's lacking, the iPhone really does get quite a few things right—and it's the things it does oh so well that keep me coming back to it, despite its shortcomings.

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