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Heading into the secure zone…somewhat slowly

My blog is, and has been, hosted with 1and1 for many years. While I've had some minor issues during that time, I've been generally happy with their hosting. Recently I noticed that they now offer a free SSL certificate. The free certificate only covers one domain and no sub-domains, but that's all I needed for robservatory. I must say that 1and1 has made this incredibly easy: Enabling the certificate only took a couple mouse clicks, and it was active a minute or two later.

Getting the site actually secured, though, was and is a different story. You should see the secure site indicator on the front page, at least, indicating that you've made a secure connection to the site…

The "secure site" indicator as seen in Chrome…Safari uses an ugly gray lock.

Once you navigate back into the older posts, however, you'll probably lose the lock indicator. The connection is still secure, but the older posts have hardcoded image paths that start with http://, so they load non-securely.

I'm using that as an excuse to go through my old posts and update broken links, etc. This takes a while, but it's a good thing to do every so often. And note to self, never hardcode the full URL—I have no idea why I did that!

And yes, I could just do a mass replace in the database, but the audit has already helped me fix a couple handfuls of posts with errors.


4 thoughts on “Heading into the secure zone…somewhat slowly”

  1. Love your blog, Rob. Hate to have to point out that this particular image is linked as http rather than https.

    1. Haha perfect. Time for Rob to come up with a Keyboard Maestro trigger to pop up a window whenever he types http://? ;)

      1. You know, I thought about it, and I decided that yes, I do need to do that, for at least a while. But the problem is that it's only here, when posting or editing, that I want to replace the string. Everywhere else, I need the https.

        So ... look for a new post shortly with the (relatively creative, I think) solution I came up with :).


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