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Get more printer from your printer

This morning, Macworld posted The trick to finding the right printer driver for your Mac, by Ted Landau. I starting reading it, mainly because I find most anything Ted writes to be worth reading. But I didn't think I had a printing problem.

After reading the article, though, I took a look at the print drivers for my laser and inkjet printers (both HP models). I found that, sure enough, both were set to use AirPrint instead of the HP drivers. Using the article's how-to, I switched them to the HP drivers.

So what does that get me? Much greater control over both printers, as seen in these before-and-after shots of the print options available in the Print dialog.

While I don't need access to these options very often, it is quite useful to have them directly accessible from the Print dialog. So if you've got an AirPrint-capable printer, but are printing to it from a Mac, give Ted's article a read and then check out how your Mac is set to print to that printer (or printers).