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The Beatles on iTunes: Tomorrow never knows

Macworld logoSo if my esteemed coworker Philip Michaels is correct, next week we'll see the release of The Beatles' catalog on iTunes. This news has literally been years in the making, and the excitement surrounding this potential announcement seems to be huge. Crowds are (virtually) forming outside the iTunes Store already—well, OK, maybe not. But you'd have to be sleep-surfing not to have seen some mention of "Beatles," "iPod," and "iTunes Store" over the last couple of days on hundreds of sites, including ours.

And here I sit, a child of the Beatles era—literally a child, as my first exposure to The Beatles came from hearing it played on my parents' record player. (Anyone else remember those?) While there are clearly bigger Beatles fans in the world, I do enjoy their music, and presently have something over 30 of their songs in my iTunes collection. (I'm what you might consider a fair-weather fan, as I tend to prefer their more popular songs to the remainder of their catalog.) The Beatles created some amazing songs, and definitely helped change the future of music—with over a billion units sold worldwide, they have definitely left their mark. So with that background, you think I'd be thrilled to hear they're on their way to iTunes.

The truth is, my reaction to the rumors has been more along the lines of "Umm, why does everyone seem to care so much?"

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