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That time I predicted the future…twice

We were out to eat at a Chinese restaurant tonight; as with many such places, fortune cookies were provided at the end of the meal. Before our kids could touch their cookies, I said to Kylie (our eldest) something like "Your fortune has to do with travel, an unexpected journey, or something along those lines."

She opened up her fortune, which read…

You will discover new frontiers

Though there's room for interpretation in that fortune, one could certainly argue that it implies travel. Kylie gave me a raised eyebrow "how did you do that?" look.

Then it was Erica's turn; I said "Your fortune has to do with your being successful in the future." Her fortune?

Your confidence will lead you to sucess

That one was spot on…so much so that my kids were trying to figure out how I might've seen inside the cookies to pre-read the fortunes, or if there were some sort of mark on the package to indicate what the fortune might be.

No such trickery, just two wild guesses that turned out to be spot on. Probably would've been a good night to go name some numbers for a lottery ticket!