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New theme with a somewhat updated look

My blog's general appearance dates back to 2014, with a face lift in 2017. But the site was still using a (very!) old theme as its base, and that old code was throwing a ton of errors into the logs (mainly warnings). I felt it was time to find a new base to build from, so the site is now using a modified version of the Neve theme.

Things hopefully look mostly the same, though there will be some minor changes made going forward as I discover things that aren't working as they should, and clean up some loose ends—and probably change my mind on fonts a dozen more times. Please let me know if you run into any issues with formatting or functionality on any of the pages.

Update: Thanks to some great help from Many Tricks' founder and resident CSS expert Peter, the theme should now look fine on all devices—and he cleared up many other minor issues I was having. Thanks, Peter!

5 thoughts on “New theme with a somewhat updated look”

    1. That's weird, as I tested it in the emulator, and it looked OK:

      Not sure where to go from here, I'll have to "phone a friend" to see what they may be able to figure out.


  1. I have the exact same issue on my iPhone 12 mini. I’d post a screenshot, but it literally looks the same as Chad’s linked one.

    1. Ah, my bad—I tested the main site, but not an individual post! This should be fixed later today.


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