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Macworld: 2009 writings

Macworld logoAll (or as many as could be found online) of my 2009 writings for Macworld.

Jan 2 Spotlight enhancer HoudahSpot gets enhancements of its own
Jan 6 The amazing vanishing Mac desktop machine
Jan 7 First Look: Numbers ’09
Jan 7 The history of the Mac, told by those who were there
Jan 8 Expo Notes: Memeo puts you in a sharing mood
Jan 9 Expo’s Ask the Editors session
Jan 9 Expo Notes: Jing, a year later
Jan 10 Expo Notes: The search for TechTool Pro 5
Jan 10 Expo Notes: Araxis Merge adds to its file-comparison bag of tricks
Jan 10 Expo Notes: Digitize your paper trail with NeatReceipts
Jan 12 Expo Notes: Restoring the matte screen
Jan 19 The video industry just doesn’t get it
Jan 22 Pirated iWork ’09 installer may contain trojan horse
Jan 22 Review: iDive 300 iPod/iPhone underwater case
Jan 23 Review: Third-party browsers for the iPhone
Jan 27 Review: Numbers ’09
Feb 3 Hands-on: TechRestore’s matte-screen MacBook Pro service
Feb 4 Look before leaping… and formatting hard drives
Feb 6 Review: Power Support MacBook Pro Anti-Glare Film
Feb 9 Six years with an Apple Cinema Display
Feb 11 No more getting started with iLife ’09
Feb 12 Review: Days of Thunder for iPhone
Feb 12 Review: Spreadsheet editing apps for the iPhone
Feb 16 Growl 1.1.4
Feb 18 Review: Keynote controllers for the iPhone
Feb 23 Review: MobileFiles Pro for iPhone
Feb 24 Review: Air traffic control games for the iPhone
Feb 24 First Look: Safari 4 Beta
Mar 3 FireWire 400 reaches the end of the line
Mar 13 VirtualBox 2.1.4
Mar 16 Mariner Calc for iPhone
Mar 16 15 iPhone 3.0 features we’d like to see
Mar 24 Eight years and counting
Mar 30 What you need to know about the Conficker worm
Apr 15 VMware Fusion bug breaches the guest-host OS wall
May 5 Why Firefox is my preferred browser
May 11 TechTool Pro 5
May 14 FireWire saves an iMac from a failed 10.5.7 upgrade
May 15 Pointer Remote for iPhone
May 15 First Look: Chromium browser for OS X
May 19 Application Wizard makes program switching easy
May 20 Close the Java security hole in many browsers
May 21 Add an OS 9-like app menu to OS X with ASM or multiXFinder
May 21 Hands on with the WolframAlpha computational knowledge engine
May 22 Click Archive: An easier way to work with disk images
May 25 DeskCover makes icons easier to see
May 26 Digital Sentry watches your computer’s activities
May 27 iCab Mobile for iPhone
Jun 1 Quickoffice Files for iPhone
Jun 2 BdContacts: An alternative to Address Book
Jun 3 Hands on with the Opera 10 Web browser beta
Jun 4 Port Map: Simple port mapping for your router
Jun 5 WWDC Preview: What we know, what we expect with Snow Leopard
Jun 8 Snow Leopard more feature-laden than expected
Jun 9 DailyFinance and eTrade Mobile Pro for iPhone
Jun 12 Mariner Calc 1.2 for iPhone
Jun 17 How I use iPhone 3.0’s Spotlight search
Jul 1 First Look: Firefox 3.5
Jul 6 SpamSieve 2.7
Jul 7 Personal Antispam X5
Jul 9 Chrome OS’s impact? It’s too early to tell
Jul 13 The no-worry backup plan
Jul 16 Purify 2.1
Jul 20 SpamX 4.0
Jul 22 Living on the EDGE
Jul 23 The Intel-only future draws closer
Jul 28 The case of the cracked iPhone
Jul 31 New NetNewsWire sync option isn’t for everyone
Aug 4 SpamSweep 1.6.1
Aug 5 The end of the road for a favored text editor
Aug 6 Frankenbook! Another look at hacked Mac netbooks
Aug 27 Services step out in Snow Leopard
Aug 28 Snow Leopard’s old and new annoyances
Aug 29 Snow Leopard: What’s gone where
Sep 3 How to create a Service in Snow Leopard
Sep 15 Camtasia for Mac
Sep 23 Snow Leopard changes the rules about opening files
Sep 24 The real genius of the Genius Bar
Oct 13 Inside Snow Leopard’s Guest account data loss bug
Oct 15 Apple allows in-app purchasing for free App Store apps
Oct 26 First Look: VMware Fusion 3
Oct 26 ScreenFlow 2.0 adds powerful new editing features
Oct 27 ScreenFlow 2
Nov 4 Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac arrives
Nov 20 Mad Skills Motocross
Nov 21 Why go Pro when iMac goes faster?
Dec 4 PDFpen 4.5
Dec 8 First Look: Chrome for Mac
Dec 21 Run Stats for iPhone
Dec 20 Batch conversion saves slow QuickTime clips
Dec 29 Add an ExpressCard solid state drive to some MacBook Pros

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